When will you meet me

When navah and her twin sister sara go on a trip to london for a one direction concert what will happen when they meet one direction,louis fall in love,then louis gets confused wich is wich?


1. Party time

Naveah-Hi im Naveah I have brown hair and blue eyes to other people im nice sweet and tan and skinny I am 17 along with my twin sister Sara she has brown hair blue eyes nice sweet tan and skinny just like me. We were born in california and now we live in north caralina. Are mom is a lawer and our dad is a social aid person.(one direction fans) 

  Sara-so im guessing my sister already told you about but any ways tommarow is are birthday and were turning 18 my dad has been in south caralins for a business meeting so he is going to try to come home if not he said my mom will give us his prezent wich he said was really imortant he need to be there so lets hope he will be there

                             Next day............................

Naveah-so today is our birthday we are finnaly turning 18 we are having a party at the river that we have behind our house wich there is of course the river we can go swimmimg in and theres a camp fire a tent's and a pool a water slide and much more.

Sara- so when i got out of bed i went downstairs and ate beakfeast by myself because dad was at his meeting and mom had to go to work and Naveah dosnt wake up untill noon normaly. So I pored my cereal and went on instagram on my (Iphone 4s).I had so many people telling me happy birthday and asking when was our party after i did all that i went to go get a shower brush my teeth and get dreassed to go shoping with our friends.

Naveah- my alarm went off at 10:00 because we were going shoping at 11:30 with freinds. I got up went to go eat i made my self and apple muffin. Then went on my(blackberry) to check instagram. After that i went and got dressed cause i took a shower last night and then went and brushed my teeth after that i waited downstairs untill Sara was ready to go pick up our friends to go shoping.


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