The Little Girl

Beca is 12 years old and lives with her sister Tiffany since both of her parents died. Lets just say, Tiffany is not the most pleasant person to be around. She makes beca wash the car and Tiffany's mutt looking dog, and make three meals a day. When Tiffany makes Beca wash Princess, the mutt, Princess ends up giving Beca a bath instead! Read the rest to find out!


4. Nice to Meet You!

Beca's P.O.V

The boys insisted I played another song. I dont know why but I did. I played A Team by ed sheeran. White lips, pale face, breathin in snowflakes. Burnt lungs, sour taste. I got up to that part until I heard a knock at the door. Lou smirked and was the first one to go running towards the door. I followed as well as the other boys. Then a beautiful girl stood infront of me. She had pretty brunnete hair, and brown eyes. "Hello im Eleanor Calder." "Im Beca. Nice to meet you!" I sayed wrapping my arms around her. I may have just met her, but I have always been the one in my family to give the most amazing hugs.

"Arent her hugs amazing?" Zayn laughed. "Almost as good as mine!" Niall replied. That made me giggle. "So Beca, tell me about yourself!" Eleanor insisted. "Well, my favorite color is blue and I also like the color white because no one likes it and I kinda feel bad for that color. I play football and I'm on a track team, my parents died and my sister is in jail, my dog is in the pound, i turned twelve a couple days ago, i was home schooled by my sister, she sucked at teaching so i fear i will be as stupid as she is, i have only one friend but my sister only let her come over once a week so I havent gotten to see her yet and I ha-" Eleanor stopped me for a minute. "Well I guess I am just gonna have to invite her over." Eleanor smiled. I hugged her. "Thank you so much.". She giggled and said your welcome and we called my friend right away. "Hey Beca! Is it my time of week?" Mia asked. "Yep! When you walk to my house though, go to the huge two story tan one instead. See ya bye!" I hung up the phone before she could say anything.

Liam's P.O.V

I felt terrible for Beca. She barely had any friends! She also had to live with a maniac sister who did not care about and cut her! "Well Beca want to watch a movie?" I asked her. It was kind of getting a little boring. "Yes! Can we watch horror movies? They are the best." She giggled. I quickly nodded and placed Paranormal Activity 4. I was a little freaked out and I guess she saw it. "Liam its okay, I will protect you." She said fearless. She grabbed my hand and hugged me. I felt secure with her. Wow, thats something to tell everyone! I AM SECURE WITH A TWELVE YEAR OLD! Hehehe back to Beca.

Beca's P.O.V

As we were about to turn the movie off because it was so scary, the doorbell rang just like the movie. I knew it was Mia. I got up and started walking to the door when Harry yelled,"Dont die!!! Come back here Beca!!" I started laughing like crazy until the door creeked open. I texted Mia to do that so we could scare the boys. "AAAHHH!" Eleanor yelled. She hid behind Louis. I opened the door quickly and turned to everyone. "No ones there." I said even though Mia was there. She quickly grabbed my hand and I screamed just to get them freaked out. "Beca NNOO!" Niall yelled. Everyone ran out the door and saw me and Mia laughing soo freakin hard on the ground. They joined in. "Well that was a great first impression on One Direction!" Mia laughed. She wasnt really a fan but she thought they were okay. "Im Mia." She said grabbing them into a hug.

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