The Little Girl

Beca is 12 years old and lives with her sister Tiffany since both of her parents died. Lets just say, Tiffany is not the most pleasant person to be around. She makes beca wash the car and Tiffany's mutt looking dog, and make three meals a day. When Tiffany makes Beca wash Princess, the mutt, Princess ends up giving Beca a bath instead! Read the rest to find out!


2. Hello my name is______

Harry's P.O.V

We watched the girl running away from her own dog and we cracked up! It was hilarious! Then she yelled "Haha dumby!". "You go girl!" Louis laughed and I tagged along. Suddenly we heard a loud smack. We turned to see what happened and the girl was on the floor rubbing her head. Liam was the first to run outside. "Are you okay?" We asked her. She was a cute little girl. She reminded me of my sister when we were littler. So clumsy. "Ya im fine, I t-think." She stuttered rubbing her head. Her dog ran back to her house and crawled through the doggie door.

"I have one question though." Niall stated. "Yes?" She asked. "Your dog eats shrimp?" He giggled. She giggled back and nodded. Zayn held his hand out for her to grab and she grabbed it. "Im Zayn, this is Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry." Zayn pointed out each of us. We all waved to her. "Hi, Im Be-" She was cut off by a blonde haired girl in a strappless flower dress running to her. "Beca, I give you one job and you cant handle it!?" She yelled to her.

Tiffany's P.O.V

I was waken up to see a wet dog with shampoo in its fur. Thats it. Im gonna kill Beca. That stupid twelve year old cant do anything right! God if only she died with my mom and dad. I ran outside directly towards her. "Beca, I give you one job and you cant handle it!?" I screamed at her. Then I saw five cool guys around her. "Really Beca?!" I told her. A tear shed down her cheek. Aaaww poor baby! Hahaha. "I hate you." she muttered loud enough for me to hear. "Excuse me!? Go inside and now your dinner is one orange! Thats right, I know how to play this game!" I laughed in a serious voice. The boys looked shocked at what I said. I smiled .I shrugged grabbing Beca's arm. "Lets go." I said. A few more tears shed from her eyes. She hated it when I yelled at her even though she's only twelve. "Wow I havent seen you cry this much since mummy and daddy died!" I pouted in a baby voice. She ran towards the house and I laughed at her.

Beca's P.O.V

How could she? How could she bring up our parents death? She knew how much I cared about them. I grabbed and an apple and ran to my room. I sat it there for about 4 hourse so it was about four in the afternoon. Then I grabbed my apple laptop and went to play Fun Run. Then my door slammed open. "How could you? You embarassed me infront of guys? Your punishment is no food for dinner and this." she brought out a knife and cut a piece of my skin. I screamed in pain. This was the first time she has ever done this and I feel like she will be doing it more often. "If you ever talk to them, well lets just say your gonna loose alot of blood." She laughed. "Oh, and go finish washing the dog." She giggled. My arm was still in pain but I feared she will cut me again if I dont listen to her. I grabbed the dogs collar, and I grabbed a leash.

I tied the dogs leash to the tree so it wouldnt get away. Then I heard a male voice behind me. "Are you okay?" I turned around and saw Niall there. I nodded and continued washing the dog. "If you wanna talk then I will tal-" I cut him off remembering Tif say if you talk to them, shell cut me. "Just please go," I said a little above a whisper and looked to the ground. He grabbed me hand and saw the cut Tif gave me with fresh blood leaking out of it. "Ow!" I said pulling back my arm. Thats when he knew who did it.

Niall's P.O.V

I cant believe Her sister would do that! She is only a little girl! I ran to the house and knocked on the door hard and loud. "What?" she asked. then I yelled at her. "How could you? You cut a little kid!?" "No! She- she ran into the tip of the table!" She screamed back then closed the door. I went over to Beca and grabbed her hand lightly so I wouldnt hurt her. " What are you doing?" She asked. I told her to go to my house for a bit. I grabbed my phone and called the police. After a while they came and took Tif away. "Niall why?" A tear shed from Beca's eye as she walked out. "She would hurt you." I replied. "Yes I know, but she was the only thing I had! I have no one now and I will have to go live in a homeless kids place!" She screamed. Then she ran back in her house. The police went in too to tell her to pack. "She cant move!" Zayn yelled to me. "We could take her!" Harry shouted. Thats when I got an idea.


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