The Little Girl

Beca is 12 years old and lives with her sister Tiffany since both of her parents died. Lets just say, Tiffany is not the most pleasant person to be around. She makes beca wash the car and Tiffany's mutt looking dog, and make three meals a day. When Tiffany makes Beca wash Princess, the mutt, Princess ends up giving Beca a bath instead! Read the rest to find out!


1. "Princess!"

Beca's P.O.V

"Beca get down here now!" Tiffany screams through the house. I open the door and scream back at her,"You know im just a few steps away!". She roles her eyes and throws a bucket and soap at me. "Go clean my car, then make me breakfast. Oh and dont forget, wash Princess!" Tiffany giggles. Man I wish my daddy was here to yell at her for making me do her things. Im Beca Anderson. Im twelve years old and my parents died when I was nine. They died in a car crash and I never really brought it up to anyone. Ever since, I lived with Tiffany, the biggest drama queen, man I really wished I died with my parents!

I grabbed a rag while heading outside to Tif's pink convertible and hosed it down with water. I decided since I was gonna be pretty fricken bored I mine as well listen to music! When I put on Pandora, a One Direction song came on. It was LWWY. I decided to sing and dance along to it as I started to wash the wind shield.

Liam's P.O.V

Louis, Zayn, Harry and I were watching Family Matters while Niall was making a sandwhich. "Hahahaha I love this part!" Harry laughed as Urkle(Dont know how to spell it) fell through the roof. Sudenly Live While Were Young was playing outside on someones radio outside. "Looks like someones a fan!" Zayn laughed and headed towards our window. Everyone followed. As we moved the curtains, a little girl about twelve or thirteen was dancing and singing and I found that hilarious. Soon everyone joined in laughing. "She is so cute!" Louis laughed when the girl turned around bright red and looked embarassed. After that funny little moment, we all piled back on the couch.

Beca's P.O.V

When I was singing Zayn's solo while holding up the sponge to my mouth pretending it was a mic, I heard a bunch of people laughing at me through a window. I turned around to see a guy with brown eyes laughing along with his friends. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and turned back around continuing washing Tif's car. Gosh why does everything bad have to happen to me? After about 20 minutes, Tif's car was spotless and I went back inside to make breakfast. "Is it done? Does it look hot? Did you screw up like last time using a dirty sponge?" Tif asked about a million answers til I cut her off. "Yes, Yes, and no but I should have." I replied answering her three main questions. I grabbed pancake batter and bacon and started to make breakfast. When I finished. I grabbed a plate and filled it with one pancake, two peices of bacon, and french toast with a glass of o.j giving it to her.

"Princess!" I called to Tif's dog and she came running. "Dos som won wanna bat?" I asked her in my baby voice. She growled and i grabbed her by her collar. The bath was set up outside so I didnt have to chase her down the block when filling it with water like last time. I picked the heavy dog up (Its a grayhound) and placed her into the water. I rubbed her with some flea soap and she jumped out about to shake herself and I yelled "NNNOOOO!"

Louis' P.O.V

When I was about to get up and make popcorn, someone yelled "NNNOOOO!". I jumped to the window to see the little girl from earlier about to get soaked by a big dog. "Haha guys come look!" I yelled as boys came running. We all cracked up as the dog shook its fur and jumped on her. She screamed and spit some water out of her mouth. It was hilarious I felt like I was gonna pee myself!

Beca's P.O.V

"GET OFF YOU MUTT!" I screamed as Princess attacked me. I pushed her off and sprayed her with water. BIG mistake. She growled and started to chase after me. "AAAAHHHH!" I screamed running from the little devil. I ran to the next house and then turned around. She was right there. "Bad doggie. No! No shrimp for you!" I said trying to stay calm. Yes, its crazy. Tif thought it would be better to feed the dog shrimp while she makes me eat two oranges. My sister fricken sucks.Princess opened her mouth and tried to bite but I ran quickly away. "Haha dumby!" I yelled but then I ran straight into my neighbors mailbox. Looks like my dog's not the only dumby.


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