Save me please (a liam payne love story)

Alice Winters is a insecure 18 year old,who is bullied everyday because of her abusive parents. One day Alice decides to take her life right when shes about to do it, 19 year old Liam Payne saves her....Will they find love?...Will she escape from her parents?....Or will everything crumble down?....Find out in Save Me Please (a Liam Payne love story) *NOTE* the boys are famous and please read <3 thxs


2. Meeting Liam James Payne

            "I'm coming mom" I yelled running down the hall to go see what she wanted."I NEED MORE WINE!" My mom screamed in my face slapping me in the face.HARD."ouch" i mumbled to myself trying not to let her hear or i will get a huge beating."GO GET ME MORE WINE,BITCH" My mom screamed hitting me in the head with the remote. I walked quickly out the door running to the store. I quickly got to the town store and grabbed wine. I quickly payed for the wine and ran out the store. In a couple mins i got home and saw that my dad was home...Uh Oh. I went inside and handed my mom the wine."Took you long enough" she scoffed at me then went into her room."There's the hoe" my dad snickered holding a switchblade. Oh switchblade's  hurt. ( If you don't know what a switchblade is its like a wip but it has like a tiny metal piece at the top.) I winced. "D-Dad P-Please" I looked at him,gulping and secretly praying I'll be able to leave this place to leave the earth permanently. "Whatever you don't need this Yet!" He smirked and walked by me hitting me once,I fell to the ground in pain,i looked at my arm and saw blood,Shaking my head I stood up and ran outside. "Go kill yourself while your out !!" My mom laughed as she screamed at me. I ran and ran until my feet couldn't take it. I stopped and looked around to see I was in a park. It was pretty with a lake to complete it. I smiled,walking to the tree I saw a ledge tall enough if I jumped I would be done no pain at all. I walked over,leaning with my eyes closed I prayed and said goodbye to all the people I actually loved. I was about to jump when arms wrapped around me. "Don't do it" A Sweet voice filled my mind,then falling into blackness i saw a touch of brow hair then blackness.     ****A/N NOTE*****   I'm so sorry I haven't updated I honestly haven't been able to read Or update so sorry for the late update but this was a good ending to the chapter right ?!?! Lol thanks guys Xxx

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