Save me please (a liam payne love story)

Alice Winters is a insecure 18 year old,who is bullied everyday because of her abusive parents. One day Alice decides to take her life right when shes about to do it, 19 year old Liam Payne saves her....Will they find love?...Will she escape from her parents?....Or will everything crumble down?....Find out in Save Me Please (a Liam Payne love story) *NOTE* the boys are famous and please read <3 thxs


1. Meet Alice Winters

Hi my name is Alice Winters.

I'm 18 years old

I love animals (but mostly turtles)

I'm very insecure

I am bullied because of my parents (they abuse)

My favorite color is purple

"ALICE GET IN HERE BITCH".....Uh oh um..thats my mom gotta go bye....

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