wishing on you

casey is the new girl at a big school, but she isnt a normal girl. casey has a big secret that she has to protect, but when she sees the gorgeous darren she knows she'll risk everythin gto get to know him.


3. What we are

Caseys POV

i guess there have been better first days but im not one to complain. Megan and Grace had adopted me as their new best friends. i wasnt really sure how i liked them, but you can never have to many friends. Darren. well he definatley isnt as outgoing as his friend tom, but he seemed nice and i knew he was looking at me through most if history, but then again so were most people. whenever the teacher had asked a question i knew the answer. people might mistake me as a geek. if only they knew the truth. but no one can ever know, not if me and jake were going to carry on living in this town.

when i got home jake was on the roof. 'what the hell are you doing up there?' ' its boring being at home all day' he said scuffing the tiles with his high tops. ' you could always try coming to school with me. being normal?' i asked sarcastically. ' no way!' jake said ' i wouldnt spend 5 days a week in there with them.' jake, although hes my brother, was a little dramatic. he reffered to anyone not like us as 'them'. hes not arragont about what we are, but hes certainly proud to be different, and would never understand my wants to fit in. Jake jumped off the roof and landed perfectly next to me, ' you're such a show off' i said ' and you should be more careful.' jake just rolled his blue eyes and laughed ' you worry to much' and with a grin he spun on his heels and disappeared. i however walked into our new house. it was way to big for just the two off us, and it would only be the two off us since we havent seen our parents for nearly 300 years. but it was me and jake, looking after eachother, always having eachothers back. and no one would change that. we'd been through too much and had nearly lost everything. but thats the price you pay when your us. when your shifters. the only shifters left.

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