wishing on you

casey is the new girl at a big school, but she isnt a normal girl. casey has a big secret that she has to protect, but when she sees the gorgeous darren she knows she'll risk everythin gto get to know him.


1. the first day

caseys POV -

another new shool, i was used to this feeling though. everyones eyes on me as i walked up to the steps of the entrance hall. i was the 'fresh meat'. the girls in the year checking out my long brown hair and my favourite old jeans and leather jacket, my new bag and my sunglasses. the boys measuring thier chances with me and wolf whistling in thier groups. but i wasnt here for them, or thier stares. i was here for a fresh start. i was here for me.

as i reached the doors i chanced a last look at the crowds and wondering if i would make many friends. it was only the first day, then one of the boys in a group shouted 'see anything you like, cuz i do!' typical, i was about to go inside when i saw him. tall with floppy black hair and a blue jumper on. my eyes locked with his deep green ones and my stomache flipped. i pushed open the entrance door and walked inside, as i felt myself going slightly red.

darrens POV

i wasnt looking forward to school today. sure, id see all my friends but i was bored. everyday was the same. i met up with the guys at the gates, tom said ' hey, megans checking you out,' i knew tom had the hots for megan,but then again hed be happy try it on with most girls. megan, ive known her since we were 5. shes pretty, blonde hair, freckels, but id never think of her as anything else. 'nothings ever going to happen, shes not my type.' of corse tom being tom said with a playful smile 'oh so you have a type,huh?' then all the boys started making jokes and jokingly wrestling.

thats when i saw her, i dont know what made me turn around but there she was, walking past us, her hair blowing in the slight breeze. she looked cool, skinny jeans showing off her legs and sun glasses, i wish i could see her eyes. as she walked up the steps most people were looking at her, thats when tom and the boys started wolf whistling and he shouted something flirty. the girl turned round and looked right at me, i just stood ther as a slight smile played on her lips. then she turned and was going inside.


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