wishing on you

casey is the new girl at a big school, but she isnt a normal girl. casey has a big secret that she has to protect, but when she sees the gorgeous darren she knows she'll risk everythin gto get to know him.


2. hopefull

darrens POV

even after i know she'd gone inside i was staring at where she was ' dude, come back to earth!' tom was shaking me 'sorry' i said slightly embarassed id been caught staring. ' she was hot, i wouldnt mind a piece of that.' he said witha grin. tom and i had been friends for a long time but that didnt mean that we always saw eye to eye. he was sometimes an idiot but i  like to think i look out for him abit. but im no goody goody. i can be just as bad, but i dont like to give my parents grief. the lads had started to leave as the playground cleared and the bell for first leasson rung. there were about 10 of us in my group, nearly all of us on the football team. we all think we're pretty cool, but so does everyone else in this school, this year was going to be good, i turn 16 in 2 weeks. i cant wait, being 15 not been exciting, im hoping 16 will be better.

as we all went inside slowly my group split off to our leassons until me and tom were left, we had history first. as we walked up the stairs tom was telling me about a football game he'd seen the night before but i wasnt listening. i was thinking about that girl. i hoped she was in some of my leassons, and that she had actually noticed me. tom had no idea i didnt really care what we were talking about as we walked into the classroom. luckily some girl had started to talk to him about him not calling her. so he pulled a face at me and i rolled my eyes as i took my seat. that was just like tom.

caseys POV

his eyes...Focus casey! i thought. i walked up to the reception desk, ' hello love, what can i do for you?' asked the receptionist with a big smile. ' hi, im casey pierce. its my first day' i said also with a smile. ' oh, well welcome to red wood high. right, ive got your schedule around her somewhere, and something for you to sign. oh, here it is.' ' thanks' i said taking the paper with my leassons printed on it and the school letter. ' bring it back signed tommorow and have a nice day!' 'thanks you too' i said walking out of the office and into a blonde haired girl.

'oh gosh, im sorry!' she said. ' oh no, it was me, i wasnt looking where i was going' i said trying to save her embarrasment. ' hey your new right?' she asked, ' yerh first day. im casey.' i said. 'megan' she said. ' so where are headed?' i looked down at my paper ' er, 3rd floor room 2, history' she did a bit of a dramatic gasp ' me too! ill show you the way!' she said with a smile that made her freckles dance on her face. so we walked to history together, i found out she only lives down the road from me, which caused her to dramatically gasp again. i was guessing it was a habbit of hers.

as we walked into history she said ' this is casey, she's new sir.' to the teacher but it also made everyone in the room look up. 'well welcome casey. im sure you'll find our history topic at the moment interesting, but first do you want to introduce yourself to the class?' said the teacher who had slightly grey hair and glasses. 'oh,okay' i said. luckily i'd already taken my sunglasses off so i could see evryone. megan had sat between a girl with brown curly hair and olivey skin and on the other side... the boy.

darrens POV

casey. that was her name. and she was here,in first period history. i couldnt believe my luck! i also couldnt help but wonder if she had a boyfriend. 'well hi, im casey pierce' she said with a beautiful smile. 'i just moved here from london, and i live with my older brother because my parents travel alot and we dont always go with them. i love music and like reading and my faveourite colour is blue.' she finished looking at our teacher with a look that said 'im done now'. 'well i hope everyone makes you feel welcome. do you want to take a seat on the end of megans row?' he asked. 'sure, thats great' she said as she moved over to our row and put her bag down on the end seat, there was only one person between us.

she glanced over at me as she took her seat. her eyes were this amazing ambery green. they reminded me of a tiger. 'well this term we will be looking at the 1930's and 40's.' the class let out a small groan and casey smiled. 'so does anyone know anything about this time period?' no one raised thier hand. 'okay, case do you know anything?' sir asked.' thats unfair picking on her cuz she's new sir' said tom. 'its okay' casey said turning round to face tom and she smiled. 'well,the outbreak of war in 1939, the 40's was a decade dominated by war. even though the war ended in 1945, the following years in the 40's were plauged with the after effects of the war. like money troubles, the continuing of rations and the bomb sites. but films about a wide variety of subjects were made during that era as well as The most popular music style during the 1940s swing, which prevailed during World War II.' evryone looked at her like she was a talking textbook, which she kind of sounded like. 'im impressed, have you studied this before?' asked sir. ' no i just find it easy to remember things.' she said with a grin. after history i didnt have any classes with casey. i saw her throughout the day with megan and her friend grace,now i cant wait till next history leasson. and thats got to be a first!


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