Harry's girl

Harry finally meets the girl of his dreams and everyone is happy for her. Everyone makes her feel at home and her and Harry can finally settle down and love each other.


2. you are still the one

Harry's p.o.v.

"umm please don't scream, I know I am Harry Styles, but we can just pretend that didn't happen!" Her eyes grew wide.

"wow, I don't care if you are Harry Styles, your so nice." she said.

"so you arent gonna go crazy?" I was confused.

"Well, no, that's so mean to do, I like you for you." She said. I wiped the sweat off.

"Actually everyone does that to me," I said.

"wow." she seamed so shocked. "Was Niall Nate?"

"yup, and Lewis was Louis." i confessed.

"wow thats cool," she said.

"anyways.... do you want to watch a scary movie like Orphan?"

"yea sure!" we went to the couch and played the movie. By the time that Esther kills people, I have to be honest I was scared and she was too.

"ahhhh" she got under the blanket and I went under with her too because we were scared, and her eyes we closed.

"Nicole it's over now," i said laughing.

"yay!" she got out of the blanket and we watched the m ovie, us going under when scary parts happened.

"Well, wanna spend the night?" I hoped she would say yes. I really liker her.

"yeah, let me go get my clothes first.

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