Harry's girl

Harry finally meets the girl of his dreams and everyone is happy for her. Everyone makes her feel at home and her and Harry can finally settle down and love each other.


5. broken and glued hearts

Nicoles p.o.v.


The guys all were excited. Liam hugged me, but I could see his eyes were sad.

"Liam what happened?" He pointed to the extra bedroom and told me everything.

Liam's p.o.v.


I told her about Dani. How Dani saw me with my cousin and called me a perv when I kissed my cousind bye. Then, Dani said if I wanted to date my cousin then she didnt care. Then I got slapped and dumped. My  heart was broken and no one could fix it.

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry." she said hugging me. I secretly liked her. her beauty was perfect and I liked her smile.

"But that news is soo terrific, my heart might be fixed." I said swooping her up into my arms. I hoped Dani would see this and get pissed. But whatever.

"Anyways wanna go back?" she asked pointing out the door.

"yah." i said walking out and then Harry stood on Louis' table.

"HARRY!" Louis was mad but he let it go when Harry whispered in Louis ear his michevious little plan, although It was cute when it happened.

Nicole's p.o.v.


"Nicole would you be my girlfriend?" Harry asked and then I ran onto the table and hugged him.

"YES!" I said and we kissed right there.

Let me just say, after Liam's heart was broken, mine was glued back together.

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