Harry's girl

Harry finally meets the girl of his dreams and everyone is happy for her. Everyone makes her feel at home and her and Harry can finally settle down and love each other.


4. A new member

Nicoles p.o.v.


"Im freazing"

"ok. hold on."  Harry started to cuddle me.  His body was so warm. It was about 2 am when I fell asleep.

"NICOLE!" Niall jumped on me to wake me up.

"Nialllll only 2 mor minutes." I am tired.

"NO YOU NEED TO COME TO THE STUDIO WITH ME AND HAZZA TODAY!" He picked me up and brought me out to Harry's car. Harry was already in it.

"Morning love." He said smiling with a huge smile on his face.

"Morning Harry" I said as I climbed in to the front next to Harry.

"I WANT THE FRONT!" Niall whined.

"Thats watcha get for waking me up!" I screamed at Niall, laughing.

After a little drive, we arrived at the studio. After Harry greeted me to Paul, he started singing some songs and then Paul stopped him.

"Harry I called you two here today to discuss something." Simon looked at Harry and Niall and they snapped into serious mode.

"What?" They said.

"We need a girl figure in the band that can sing in order to be Britains top band!" He seemed mad.

"Well who do you have in mind?" Harry asked Simon.


"NICOLE YOUR UP TO AUDITION!" Simon said, so I got on stage. I started singing. Simon then said he only kicked me out because I was 13.

"I believe I have met NIcole before and I have also met her voice. I believe she'd be best for the band." Simon said smiling at me.

"Wait.... Nicole has auditioned for the x factor?" Niall said shocked.

"once," I said.

"Nicole, welcome to One Direction." Simon said smiling and then me, Harry and Niall left to Louis' flaet to tell everyone the news.

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