Harry's girl

Harry finally meets the girl of his dreams and everyone is happy for her. Everyone makes her feel at home and her and Harry can finally settle down and love each other.


1. Justin Bieber brought us together

Nicole's p.o.v.

"bye mom Im going to Cheshire to my new flat now!"

I have been wanting to go back to Cheshire for a long time. I've been there for vacation and I love it there. I got a flat there and it should be very nice.

"Bye sweetie come up for holidays!" my mom said tearing up as I left.

The flight is going to be 13 hours long. Well, I am too excited to do anything so I am going to sleep on the plane.

Harry's p.o.v.

"But Taylor!" I felt the tears come out as she dumped me.

"HARRY I can't deal with you anymore. You are such a creep and you tried to make all my fans like one direction better! You are a shitty band!

"You are my world though I love you a lot." I cried.

"Bye, lonelifed loser." she walked out just like that. Louis and Niall ran up to me and hugged me tightly.

"Harry it's okay, no one liked her anyway!" Louis said.

"but I did." I was now crying a lot.

"Harry, you can find another girl in a snap if you even just say im single then every girl would jump for you." Niall screamed nicely.


"Now tomorrow we are gonna go get you a girl," Louis said.

I smiled at the thought, it made me happy having a girl to cuddle with at night.

"Im gonna go take a nap," I said.

Nicole's p.o.v.

*13 hours later* *5p.m. at cheshire*

I am finally at my flat! OMG im so excited. I ran through the whole thing putting the furniture in and now I am laying down. I am soooo happy I am in cheshire. It has such a beautifull landscape then NJ! I mean omg beautifull skys and really nice grass and people and.... accents! I am just sooo excited, I am going to a movie theater tomorrow to see the Justin Bieber movie because it calms me down for some reason! LOL ikr.


Harry's p.o.v.

Finally its tomorrow! Louis woke me up early and we are on our way with Niall, Zayn, and Liam to the theaters.

"I am going to see the JB movie, so who wants to join?" Niall asked very hyper.

"ME ME ME ME" everyone wanted to even though we've seen it 27398526 times.

we finally got here and got popcorn and tickets. on our way to the move theater number 5, we had to go to the bathroom and get our disguises on again because our hair was sticking out and Me and Zayn would be noticed.

" Heres the theater" Niall was jumping up and down as we walked in. We all went to the first row where there was only one person, a beautifull girl with brown hair and blue eyes, so I sat next to her.

Nicoles p.o.v.

I hate commercials. They talk about stupid things. Nevermind, they are talking about one direction now! YAY! Wait, more people around me are laughing, wtf? 5 guys are next to me and one of them is in the seat directly next to me.

"Hi, im Haaaal." he looked like he didnt want me to know his name.

"Hi, im Nicole." I said.

"Do you like Justin Bieber?" He asked.

"Hes okay, but I like One Direction much better." I said opionly.

"Hey thats cool, I do too!" He said smiling with a great smile. He has a nice voice.

"well, isn't that funny." I said.

"You aren't around here are you?" he noticed my American Accent.

"Actually, no I just moved to Cheshire." i said

"Isnt that funny, I live in one of the flats there!" He said all laughing like while Justin Bieber was singing and his friend was jumping up and down.

"I do too, in the ones called blue pride." i said

"OMG me too." He said smiling

"which number? i asked."
"78." he said

"i live in 77!" how was the world this small?
"we should get togeher some time!" HE said super excited.

"Oh, we should after the movie." I said.

"YES!" he said reeally happy.

"cool." i said. The whole movie, all we did is talk and we didnt watch at all. His friend Nate even stood up and talked to us, but then went back to the movie. And his friend Lewis danced and everyone laughed. I think that me and Hal will be best of friends and of course with his friends.

We left and me and Hal took my hand. He brought me to his car and offered a ride because I took a bus. On the way, his friends were dropped off and soon we got to the flats. He brought me up to his. When he opened the window and walked over, his hat fell off and I saw his true identity.





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