You're going where?!

Janie loves her bestie Darcy but when Darcy finds a new boyfriend Matt where will it take her and where will it leave Janie?

Ok so I'm not that good at writing but give me a chance? :]


1. Chapter one

So I'm Janie (I hate my name, it's so old fashioned!)  I'm 12 years old, my best friend is Darcy she's 15 we met at a summer camp and even though she's 3 years older than me we're inseparable. This is my diary and here we go.


Dear Diary,

                    Darcy's new boyfriend Matt doesn't seem to like me much she says it's because he just met me but I think that he thinks that I'm only little if that makes sense...but I'm not! I Janie Denise Frost am not little I am twelve years old, a student at Primrose High School (You heard me, Primrose High, honestly what a stupid name!)  and I'm 13 in November so that told you Matt. It's also at school that Matt is taking Darcy away from me and whispering things in her ear, probably about me but I don't mind because I know she won't take any notice, not Darcy she wouldn't do that.


Sarah my extremely terribly amazingly incredibly annoying little sister is whining at me for a pink felt-tip "I don't have a pink felt-tip",  I tell her 

"I'll tell mum you hit me!" she warned 

"But I didn't hit you!"

"Yes you did, last month"

"Rosie that was last month"

"You still hit me" 

I didn't want her to tell mum I hit her because it would get me grounded and I'm supposed to be going bowling with Darcy on Saturday so I spent half an hour rummaging through the clutter in my room for a pink pen. After that my baby brother Lewis wanted me to watch Peppa Pig with him. Another two hours wasted, I do love my little brother but two hours of talking pigs on demand is not my idea of fun. 


After dinner I went over to Darcy's. Gem was there, so was Matt when I walked in Matt immediately put his arm round Darcy and gave her a peck on the cheek, I really don't know what she sees in him, he's weird. We went upstairs to Darcy's room I walked with Gem she agreed with me about Matt she didn't like him much. It was soo awkward when we were all just sat on the bed saying nothing I just wanted to go home really, and I never want to go home when I'm at Darcy's house it's normally so much fun even with Gem.

" you wanna watch a DVD?" asked Darcy quietly

"Ok", we all replied 

We watched Little Miss Sunshine even though it's a bit ancient. Matt lay staring at the ceiling through the whole movie which was quite good actually as I could easily pretend he wasn't there and laugh at all the funny bits with the girls but then it was over, Matt got up and walked out of the room. Darcy looked at the door and then to the space where he had been lying, Gem fidgeted and I looked at my shoes.


"Maybe you should go girls..." Darcy managed to say

"But Darcy-" I started

"See you tomorrow" She said this as she pushed us out of her room I'd never seen her like that before. We let ourselves out of the house.






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