Isabella and Samantha where average teenage girls. They were both 18. they best friends, but little did they know they woould fall inlove with to handsome guys and their local park. Isabella fell head over heels with a boy Niall, who proclaimed he was in a band called one direction. Samantha fell inlove with a handsome young boy named Harry, he was also in the band with Niall. Will their love last?


3. the date 2/2

After i kissed niall i just stared into his eyes. he smiled, i smiled back.

"i love you bella" he said stroking my face.

"i love you to nialler" i smiled.

"your beautiful, dont ever let anyone tell you your not" he said firmly.

i just couldnt belive the words coming out of his mouth. i truly loved him. from that moment on i knew....niall was the one. i explained to him why i never really had trust in a guy like how i had trust in him.

"well, samantha and i promised each other we wouldnt date until we found the one" i explained.

" i the "one" he smiled.

"maybye....." i patted his nose.

"aww, please tell me!!, am i the one??" he questioned.

"fine niall, yes u are the one" i smiled.

he hugged me to death. he drove me back to my house. he kissed me on the cheek, and said he would see my later. i went upstairs to change, i started checking my instagram page.i waited for samantha, she took over an hour. i thouhgt she must be having a good time with harry if shes out this late.

Samantha's POV:

harry and i just laid on the deck of the ship. he asked me questions about my family,friends, and isabella.i told him i had one brother, my mum and dad, and a cat named cloudy. he laughed, he said he loved cats.i told him he would get to meet him someday. he then stared into my eyes, leaned in and kissed me. i felt a spark run though my body.

"wow...." i said.

"ur so cute" he stated.

"thanks" i said feeling red circles rise on my cheeks.

"i love u sam, i want to spend the rest of  my life with u" he said shyly.

"dont be shy harry, cause i want the same"i smiled.

"so, are we more then friends?" he questioned

"you bet cha!" i shouted.

we both laughed then we just lay there.he was the best boyfriend ever. i loved harry. i knew he was the one. i got out my phone and texted isabella.

isabella's POV:

i had already dozed off when i had gotten a text from samantha. the large brith light illumantating from my phone made me wake up. i reall the text.

it read:

hey bella!!!! sorry to wake u if u were already sleeping. but i think harry is the one. :) xxx

i smiled. i coudlnt belive we both found the right boy who would take care, and look after us. boys hwo actually love us for our personallity, not just for our looks.

i texted back:

omg!!! congrats. guess what? i positive nialls the one. we are an "item" now!!! we kissed, and it was like fireworks through my body!! anyways what time are u coming home?? :D xxx

i went back to sleep. i couldnt wait to tell her my experience with niall. and i couldnt wait to hear her experince with harry.

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