Isabella and Samantha where average teenage girls. They were both 18. they best friends, but little did they know they woould fall inlove with to handsome guys and their local park. Isabella fell head over heels with a boy Niall, who proclaimed he was in a band called one direction. Samantha fell inlove with a handsome young boy named Harry, he was also in the band with Niall. Will their love last?


2. the date 1/2

samantha came over to my house to get ready. she was wearing a shirt/dress, u couldnt really tell wether it was a dress or a long. besides that she was wearing black leggings, and light pink flats. she looked comfotable. i got ready when she got to my house. she helped me pick out my clothes. i was going to wear a hoodie that said drama free life, skinny jeans and black vans. samantha said i looked comfortable. apparently she was going on a date with harry too. but we were going to different places. she said she didnt know where harry was taking her, but neither did i know where niall was taking me.

"im so excited, harry's probaly the cutest guy ive ever laid my eyes on!" she smiled.

"niall's the CUTEST BOY EVER!!!! i mean...... yea niall's pretty cute to" i blushed, saying before thinking.

"isabella, do think niall might be the one for you?" she questioned.

"maybye.... i mean u never know, i could fall in-love with him...." i replied.

There was a knock at the door. i got up in my rather really tight pants. i opened to find the pretty blue eyed niall staring right into my eyes. he held a single rose in his hand. my brown long hair hanging over my eyes as i peered into his. he handed me the rose and gave me a kiss on the cheek. i let him in, he took a seat on my grey, comfy couch with me and sam.

"hi.... samantha is it?" niall questioned sam.

"yes, and ur niall" she replied back.

"yup!" he exclaimed.

"um......u know isabella thinks ur the CUTEST BOY EVER!!!" she giggled.

i blushed. niall turned around and saw that i had sprouted dark red circles on my plump cheeks. he laughed. i pushed my long brown hair behind my ear, fiddling with my nails as he looked at me. he smiled. i looked up and smiled and peered into his large, beautiful, blue seemed like we stared into each others eyes for ages. but after he turned, i realized it was only for about 5 minutes.

"well, i think isabella is the most precious, and beautiful girl ever" he smiled.

i blushed once again. before we could all continue our conversation, there was another knock at the door. i got up and shuffled my feet to the door. it was harry, i let him in and he sat rather really close to sam.

"hey beautiful" he said to sam.

"hello handsome" sam replied back"

harry held onto sams hand. i thought they were rushing into the relationship quite to fast, but it was sam's life not mine, anyway they were one of the cutest couples i had ever seen.

"so, where are you guys going for ur date?" niall asked harry.

"we"re going to go eat at nando's then to somewhere special" he said while smiling at sam.

"oh, im taking bella to nando's to!!" niall exclaimed.

"do u guys wanna double date just for dinner, then go on our way for the "special surprise" we both set up for the ladies?" he questioned.

"sounds good!" niall and i said at the same time.

Samanthas POV:

i thought that was a really good idea.because i didnt want to be alone with my harry on our 1st date. hes a sweet guy and all, but i dont know much about him. for all i know he could be a rapist. atleast i would be with isabella for half of the date. i really wanted to get to know harry alot better. so we went off to nando's. while we ate we talked about normal things. then niall and harry brought up the band one direction. they claimed they were in the band. i never had much interest in the band one direction. most girls at my school went physco over them, but isabella and i never really took interest in them. isabella and i were both shocked knowing we were gonna be dating worldwide superstars. but as i thought about it, i knew we would get alot of crap from the girls at school knowing we were gonna be dating superstars. but i didnt reall care, as the day went on i got really fond of harry. we said goodbye to bella and niall. i told her i would see her back at her house at the end of the night. we left and harry took me to a beautiful lake. there were boats lined at the dock. harry pointed to one that had blankets and wine spread out on the deck of one of the boat. we boarded the boat, and we started sipping wine, and rolling down the river. i got to know alot about him at dinner. now, i felt very safe with him.

isabellas POV:

after we said our goodbyes to sam and harry, niall took me to his car. i had alot of trust from niall. i could trust him with anything. niall stopped at the nearby peir. we walked along the shore of the ocean. we played some carnival games, he won me a huge stuffed unicorn.he was so sweet, strong, and caring. i had never met a guy like him. he really cared for me. i blushed everytime he looked into my eyes and helf my hand. we went back to the car and put my stuffed unicorn in the trunk so i wouldnt have to carry it while we walked. he grabbed a blanket from the trunk. he took me to the shore of the ocean. he laid the blanket on the sand and gestured me to sit. we sat down just looking out into the sea. he asked me some questions about my family and my life, i did the same. after a while he put both arms around my waist. i felt so warm being held by his strong hands/ arms. while we looked out into the sunset he put me on his lap. i turned around finding myself peering into his precious blue eyes. then he crashed his lips into mine. we stayed kissing for a while. then he held my hand. i could stay right there, with him, in his grip forever.


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