Liam Payne Love Story

What happens when Liam Payne falls deeply in love with you? Read this sequel and find out! Ciao --Rachel


4. Please Say Yes

**Liam's POV**
I really hope Paul says yes. Even though I've only known Y/N for an entire day, I feel like I've known her for a lifetime. So I decided to text Paul.
LIAM: Hey Paul! Do you think my girlfriend could join us on tour?
PAUL: Sure! I don't see why not.
LIAM: Great! I'll tell her the good news!
**The Next Day**
LIAM: Paul said YES!
YOU: Thats great!
LIAM: Ikr?! Lol, we leave in 2 days so if you want, I can come over to help you pack.
YOU: Okay, I'll leave the front door unlocked, just come up to my room.
LIAM: Alright!

**Later On In The Day**
Opening her door, I raced upstairs to her room. She already had out her Tumi suitcases. There were at least 3. I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist and said "How much clothes do you need Love? We are only going to be gone for like 3 months." "I know, But one of the suitcases is for my shoes." She said pointing at a small suitcase.
"My god, girls and their shoes." I said, adding in a sarcastic eye roll. "What?! I'm pretty sure Lou has a suitcase full of shoes too!" She exclaimed. I helped her finish packing and put her suitcases in the Range Rover. "Hey Lee-yum?" She said. Man I love that nickname. "Yes?" I asked. "I'm going to go change. And I'll be down to the car." She said. "Okay." I said. She went upstairs and came down 30 minutes later. She had changed into distressed mini short shorts, a white OBEY tee, a leather jacket, and suede TOM booties. Her outfit must've been inspired by Zayn because she wore totally edgy clothes. "Are you ready love?" I asked. "Yup!" she said. She grabbed her Coco Chanel original quilted crossbody bag and walked out of the door. We got to the hotel early so I carried her bags up to her hotel room that I reserved next to mine and put them in the closet. "Thanks Lee-yum!" She said with a blush. "Your welcome. Any time darling." I said giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'll be next door if you need anything" I added. I walked over to my room and got on Twitter.
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