Liam Payne Love Story

What happens when Liam Payne falls deeply in love with you? Read this sequel and find out! Ciao --Rachel


3. Is This Really Happening?

**Your POV**
"Is this really happening?" you thought to yourself as Liam reached down and wiped the tears from your face while humming Little Things. You sniffed then collapsed into his arms. He put his arms around you and kissed you on the head. It was only halfway through the movie when Liam leaned down and kissed you. His lips were soft and sweet on yours and you wanted more so you kissed him back. This went on for 4 minutes until Harry said "Be careful Liam, she might try to take your clothes off next." Giggling, you smacked Harry and snuggled back down with Liam. Another scary part came up and your practically jumped out of your seat. "It's okay baby. You'll be alright." He whispered and you believed him. He casually played with your hair and softly sang to you the rest of the movie to keep you from jumping anymore. He made you feel safe and relaxed and you liked that. After the movie, you intertwined your finger with him.

At your doorstep, Liam programmed his number into your phone and yours into his. "I'm going to miss you. I wish we could see each other again." He said sadly. "We could make that work." You said "Really?" Liam said in disbelief. "Yeah. Just bring me on tour with you." You said simply. "Is have to ask Paul but I'm sure if I told him you're my girlfriend he would let you. Listen baby. I'll take you up on that offer. I'll call you tomorrow with an answer okay?" He said. "Okay baby. I'll be anticipating your call." You sighed. Liam giggled and gave you a long good-bye kiss. You went inside your house and watched him get back into the limo and drive away.
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