Liam Payne Love Story

What happens when Liam Payne falls deeply in love with you? Read this sequel and find out! Ciao --Rachel


2. Don't Be Scared

**Liam's POV**
I walked up her driveway and knocked on the door. She opened the door almost instantly. She looked so cute in her orange ruffle top and grey Vans. The ride to the premiere was long but when we got there we stepped out and cameras started flashing. We walked onto the red carpet and she whispered to me "Let's mess with these journalists." She winked and intertwined my fingers with hers. We kissed for a few pics then walked into the theater. We walked in and she saw the movie poster. It said Paranormal Activity 4. "Oh, Liam I'm not good with scary movies." She winced. "It's okay darling. I'm here. Just grab my hand or whatever if you get scared." Her face softened a little and we took our seats. The movie started and she was okay. But when the first scary thing happened, she jumped into my arms. She was crying a little too. "Whats wrong baby? Why are you crying?" I asked her. "I usually get night terrors from scary movies." She explained. "'s okay. You're going to be fine." I whispered then hummed Little Things to help her relax.
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