Liam Payne Love Story

What happens when Liam Payne falls deeply in love with you? Read this sequel and find out! Ciao --Rachel


5. Dancing And Dinner

**Your POV**
Walking around the room you, went over to the complimentary iPhone dock an plugged your phone in. You turned on your favorite rap song "Big Booty" by Ca$h Out. You started dancing and danced all the way to the bathroom. You put on a little makeup and turned up the music way loud. Next thing you knew, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Niall walked through the door right in the middle of you coming out of the bathroom. "Partayyy!" Harry started dancing. You walked up to the dock and changed the song to "C'mon C'mon". Right at the chorus you started doing the Joe. Louis joined in and you both ended with a pose. "Haha! That was awesome!" You said. Liam walked up to you and put an arm around your waist. Niall piped up "C'mon guys! We gotta get ready." For what?" You said. "We got reservations at a fancy restraunt. It's dress code is formal." He said. Later on, everybody was waiting on you. You finally arrive in your favorite black suede wedge booties, a white silk button up, and a metallic silver mini skirt with a black belt. You grabbed Liam's hand and got in the car. When you arrived at the restraunt, Liam led you inside. The meal was fantastic and you could tell time with Liam was going to be great. You got back to the hotel with the boys and went to Liam and Zayn's suite immediately. You didn't have any PJ's so Liam gave you one of his button ups. It was long on you and hit at mid-thigh. You guys started up a movie and the rest of the boys soon joined you guys. Niall came with a bunch of sweets. He handed you and Liam a bag of gummy bears, popcorn and soda to Harry and Louis, and some crisps for him and Zayn.
The movie was almost over and you had fallen asleep on Liam's shoulder. You woke up in Liam's bed, Niall in the other bed and Liam on the couch. You tickled Niall and woke him up. "Hey get the boys and we can sing the "Wake Up" song to Liam." Niall agreed and got out of bed. he grabbed his guitar and got the boys. You knelt down beside Liam and sang along with the boys. Liam hit the air and found your hand he held it until the song was over and got up. It was 4:00 AM and the flight you and the boys had to London was in 4 hours. You got to the airport and was mobbed by fans. Liam grabbed you and held you close while he followed Paul to a bench for them to sit at while they waited for the plane.
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