Liam Payne Love Story

What happens when Liam Payne falls deeply in love with you? Read this sequel and find out! Ciao --Rachel


1. Will You Be My Date?

**Your POV**
Picking up your new camera, you stood in front of the mirror and took a selfie. Then you uploaded it to Twitter. Later on in the day, you got a notification from twitter. It said you had one new follower: @Real_Liam_Payne. Your throat locked and your hands got clammy. "This can't be." You thought. You checked the follower to see if it was a fake, but it wasn't. You couldn't believe it. Thee Liam Payne was now following you. Your iPhone sent you another notification from Twitter. You opened it and realized that someone had sent you a DM. It was Liam. Clicking on it, you read the DM he sent you: "Hey love, I saw your photo and was wondering if you would like to be my date for a movie premiere. It is a non-formal event so dress casually. Please say yes." You responded to him saying yes and almost suddenly, you got another DM from him: "Okay. I will have a VIP pass sent to your house. The premiere is in 4 days and the boys and I will be picking you up in the limo at 9:00 PM. Where do you live?" You responded by giving him your address.

It was 2 days before the premiere and you were shopping with your two best friends Ally-Rose Singer and Claire Smith. "I think you should wear something sexy." Ally-Rose suggested. "No, I think it should be something she would wear to school. Something casual but girly and pretty enough for him to fall head over heels" Claire said. "Ah-greed." You said. So you and your friends went to your favorite girly store Charlotte Russe. You pick out a bright orange sleeveless sheer ruffle top, a grey cardigan and white skinny jeans. For shoes you bought a pair of grey original Vans. Headed to Sephora, you and the girls discuss what to wear as makeup. "Maybe something in the smokey section." Ally-Rose said picking up her pace. "Nah, I'm sure Liam likes girls that don't wear too much makeup." You said. So you settled on some Urban Decay taupe eyeshadow, Mac lengthening mascara and Nars peach blush. You get home and try on the outfit and makeup for your friends. "Ehmagawd Y/N that outfit looks amazing on you.", shrieked Claire. "You really think so?" You said turning to your side and looking at your reflection. You did look pretty in the outfit. "Totally. That outfit is completely enviable. Liam won't be able to take his eyes off of you." Claire agreed. " I certainly hope so." You sighed.
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