The Boy Next Door.

"It is a love hate relationship"_ Misty.


1. 1

I really hate this new boy next door. He egged my bedroom again"ARGH!" I groan.His bedroom window is right opposite mine and I left my window wide open this morning. I want to complain about this situation but I'd rather be quite about it and get revenge.Um....... water balloon would be perfect I thought to myself. I filled up 10 balloons with water and putted it in a basket under my window. I will aim it at him tonight.

" Misty, come down for dinner" my mum shouts from the kitchen.

"okay! I will be down in a sec" I shouted back.

Before I went downstairs, I went and closed my bedroom window; just in case if that boy does something to my bedroom again. I went inside the dinning room and looked around and questioned my mum " where is dinner." I knew it wasn't ready yet but I don't know why mums do this all the time?

"it will be ready soon" she replied.

So I went back to my bedroom and saw the boy taking of his shirt. I opened my window and yelled " hey!". He turned to face me and opened his window and replied " hey" as he leaned on his window sill. I attacked him with the water balloons quickly before he closed his window. 

my mum knocked on my door and told me dinner was ready now.

*next morning*

As I was getting ready for school, I realised the boy next door was watching me. He had a massive grin from ear to ear. I never felt so embarrassed in my life. I quickly closed the curtain and sat on the floor against the wall worried.Then got up to put on my t-shirt and grabbed  my handbag and ran downstairs and out. 

It was him again coming out of his front door then he came running toward me. " Go Away" I demanded.

"I didn't see anything trust me except your boobs" he exclaimed.

I pushed him away from me but he grabbed me with him " would you leave me alone" I screamed.

" okay, I am going to Nevis high school any way" he stated.

" What!! Why do you have to follow me everywhere" I snapped and moved my arms everywhere like a maniac.



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