Ericka's Opus: The Journey of Discovering Myself

Ericka Madison Horan. The 15 year old daughter of Niall Horan and Olivia Horan (former Carsons/Clifton). Only child, plays soccer like her mom and writes music like her dad. When she was about 8, she's been working on composing one of the greatest opus of all time, and hasn't stopped since. Most would say that's something a prodigy would do, but it's her past time. But when something from the past comes up that could change her life, Ericka realizes that life is not just about the music, it's about the journey. (Third installment of Start of Something New trilogy)


17. The truth comes out

On the train ride to Doncaster, I began to look up some hospitals in the area. There were a lot. Mostly because I typed up "hospitals in Yorkshire" into google. 

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Pinderfields Hospital, Royal Hallamshires Hospitals, and many more. 

"Jarret! What about this?" I hand him my phone where on the screen it showed Doncaster Royal Infirmary. He nodded looking at it, and so when the train got to Doncaster, that was where we were going. 

We hailed a taxi and told the driver to go to Ampthrope Road, where the hospital was located. The driver drove us there. 

"What if this is it?" I whispered to Jarret while holding his hand. I truly was nervous. 

"I don't know." He said squeezing my hand as a sign of 'it'll be okay'. 

"Alright Ampthrope Road, you lovebirds." The taxi driver said and like that, we paid him and were on our way to the hospital. 

When entering the hospital, we were greeted by a lovely view of the interior. We went up to the register and started looking for maternity floor. Third floor. As we went to the elevator, Jarret was holding my hand. He was actually was holding it as we walked to the desk and the lady thought we were a young couple wondering if I was pregnant or not. 

It's not my fault I eat a lot like Niall. 

I blushed like crazy and Jarret said "Actually we're here to see if we can find her birth certificate. She's going registering for a learner's permit in America and needs a copy of it." Well thanks for covering the fact that I'm looking for my real dad. Even though I can get my permit in six months. 

"What's the name?" The desk lady asks. 

"Ericka Horan." I reply. Her head shot up suddenly and she looks at me. 

"Oh my god it's you. I was here when you were born. I was in the room with your mum and dad." My eyes widened.  "Miss you gotta understand. I'm not here for my certificate for my learner's permit. I'm trying to see if my dad is actually my dad. I don't know if I've been living a lie for the past fifteen years of my life." 

The desk lady, who's name was Rachel, looked up at me as I show the despair in my eyes. Then she sighed and got up. "Follow me." She starts walking and we follow her. 

We walk into a vault area as Rachel turns a corner and we're facing a vault labeled "May 2015". That's the month and year I was born. Rachel opened the vault and we enter it. "These are the birth certificates from certain times. Of course we're in May of 2015. These are all original copies. Not tweaked at all. Ah here we are." She says as she pulls out a folder and holds it out to me. "Of course the only people who know your real father is me and your mum. And two. Here you go. Your real birth certificate Miss Horan." 

I look down at the folder and slowly take it from her. Staring at the Manila folder, I take a deep breath and open it. 

"Name: Ericka Madison Horan

Date of birth: 15 May, 2015

Time: 1:47 am BST

Mother: Olivia Riley Horan


That was when I dropped the folder. 

That was when my life changed forever. 

The name next to father was Louis William Tomlinson.

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