Ericka's Opus: The Journey of Discovering Myself

Ericka Madison Horan. The 15 year old daughter of Niall Horan and Olivia Horan (former Carsons/Clifton). Only child, plays soccer like her mom and writes music like her dad. When she was about 8, she's been working on composing one of the greatest opus of all time, and hasn't stopped since. Most would say that's something a prodigy would do, but it's her past time. But when something from the past comes up that could change her life, Ericka realizes that life is not just about the music, it's about the journey. (Third installment of Start of Something New trilogy)


7. Sneaking out (sort of)

<Ericka's POV>

My parents were staying in Penn overnight. Apparently, Andrew, a family friend of ours, got drunk at the event and they had to go back to the hotel to stop him from getting into serious trouble. Well, that's what it sounded like in the call from Lainey, another family friend. This gives me enough time to pack.

I pack a ton of short sleeve shirts and shorts that I supply for the summer, a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of sandals, a pair of flip flops, socks, a ton of ponytail holders, my little makeup, toiletries, money, and other crap that I may need. Oh, and sunscreen.

Just as I was about to leave, I thought it would be nice to leave a note. Should I? Should I not? I got it. I pull out my phone and dial my dad's number.

"Hey, kiddo. How was dinner?" He asks when he picks up.

"It was good. Hey, is it okay if I go with Jarret's family on vacation? It's okay with his parents." I ask.

"As long as you're careful, you can. Have fun and see you soon!" He hangs up. Well, that might qualify as sneaking out.

I grab my suitcase and head towards the door. But I'm stopped by the whining of Hayden. I look behind me and she's giving me the face saying "Please don't go. I love you."

I bend down and begin to pet her. "Hayden," I say. "I have to go to England. It's the only way I'll find out the truth about my dad. But don't worry, I'll bring you back an English doggy treat." I think for a moment. "Just don't count on it." I hear the car horn honk. At first I thought it was my parents, but when I look out the window, it was the Styles bunch waiting for me. "I got to go, Hayden. I love you." I kiss her nose, grab my suitcase, and head out the door.

"Are you sure about this?" Jarret asks me as I put my suitcase in the almost full trunk.

"I need to know the truth." I answer him. "And if it means travelling all the way to Holmes Chapel and looking in every single hospital in London, then so be it." I get in the back seat with Jarret.

"Okay." Harry says. "Who wants to go back to when I was 18?"

Me and Jarret sat there silent. "In music or is this a time machine." I ask.

They burst out laughing. "He meant music." Emma answered. "He's just asking if you want to here what the band sounded like."

"Oh, well in that case. Sure why not."

Harry pulls out a CD, the same one that Jarret had when we were skyping, and put it into the player. A tune starts to play and Harry sheds one tear. "Dad," Jarret starts. "Why are you crying?"

"This was our very first single. It reached the top of the charts tons of time and it's what got us famous in the world."

After the CD ended and we were close to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, he took it out and put in another One Direction CD. The last one was "Up All Night", and this one is "Take Me Home".

The third track on Take Me Home. I remember that. Oh my god! Dad/Niall would sing that to me at night when I couldn't sleep.

I start tearing up. "Ericka, what's wrong?" Jarret tries to comfort me.

"T-T-This song is w-w-what my d-d-d-dad would sing to g-g-get me to sleep w-w-when I was y-y-younger." I sob.

"Aw, don't worry. Cheer up Ericka, cheer up Ericka, cheer up Ericka, you're going to England." He sings. I chuckle a little.

We reach the airport. We all grab our luggage and went inside. Emma bought our tickets and we head to the gate. We board the plane and take our seats. Thank god I'm sitting next to Jarret.

To be honest, I've never been on a plane. Only on a bus to a soccer tournament in Florida and other places in Eastern United States.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are departing Cleveland Hopkins to Heathrow right now. Please buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the flight." The intercom speaks.

Goodbye Rocky River.

Hello London.


A/N: Hello peeps! How do you like the story so far? Happy Easter! I was suppose to leave for my grandparents house this morning, but my dad wasn't feeling well and we're leaving at 4 pm EST.

I got an iPhone!

Doctor Who premieres a new season today!

Oh, well. Happy Easter.


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