Ericka's Opus: The Journey of Discovering Myself

Ericka Madison Horan. The 15 year old daughter of Niall Horan and Olivia Horan (former Carsons/Clifton). Only child, plays soccer like her mom and writes music like her dad. When she was about 8, she's been working on composing one of the greatest opus of all time, and hasn't stopped since. Most would say that's something a prodigy would do, but it's her past time. But when something from the past comes up that could change her life, Ericka realizes that life is not just about the music, it's about the journey. (Third installment of Start of Something New trilogy)


3. Dinner with the Styles

"Ericka, welcome to Styles residence." Jarret formally introduces. I look ahead and see that house that was for sale for the past bajillion years.

"So it was your family that bought this house." I say getting out of the house.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Sorry, it's just that this house has been for sale for about...I think since I was 12."

Jarret had this shocked look on his face. "Well I'm sure the folks will be impressed with the story." He says. He opens the front door and I officially fell in love with his house. It's so....classy. With a hint of olden days (and by olden days, I mean back in the 2010's).

"Jarret, honey is that you?" I hear this woman's voice call out. She had this British accent, which was nice.

"Yes, mum. I'm in the foyer." Jarret calls out. That must have been his mom. I hear footsteps, and in comes a woman, about mid-thirties, with wavy blonde hair and green eyes.

"Hi, Jarret. How was your last day of school?" She asked while hugging him.

"It was fine mum." He answered in a somewhat annoying voice. "Mum, we have a visitor here! It's my friend! You're embarrassing me!" She lets go of him quickly.

"It's okay." I say. "You did no harm with anything. Oh, and I'm Ericka." I stick out my hand.

Mrs. Styles grabs it and kindly shakes it. "So you're the famous Ericka my son is always talking about." Jarret turns red. "And feel free to call me Emma. It's my first name and only people who I don't truly know call me Mrs. Styles. Please come on in."

I take off my sandals and walk into the living room. Sitting in this chair was a man who must also be in his mid-thirties with really curly brown hair and he too has green eyes. I can see where Jarret got his hairstyle from. But at this very moment, the guy had his eyes glued onto the Cleveland Indians game. They actually won a world series 6 years ago. (A/N: If they did, then that would be awesome!) I was nine then.

"Dad," Jarret caught his dad's attention. He took his eyes off the tv and instantly noticed me.

"So you must be Ericka!" He got up and hugged me. "Sorry, I'm a hugger. But I'm Mr.Styles, please call me Harry."

"Harry, Emma, and Jarret Styles. Nice family. So, Harry." I asked. "How did you and Emma meet?"

"18 years ago. Canfield, Ohio. Oh gosh, that two weeks were not fun." He laughed.


"Well, Emma's friend, Olivia, was dating my friend, Niall. And well, while all that was going on, she was dating my other friend, Louis, behind his back. Niall found out on her 18th birthday, she got hit by a car, and well, too much occurred. Then she and Niall got married and we haven't seen them since our wedding."



Those are the first names of my parents.

Who's Louis?

My mom got hit by a car?

"Uh, Harry. What was Niall's last name?"

Emma stepped into the conversation. "Niall James Horan of Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. And Olivia Riley Clifton of Canfield, Ohio. Well, she was originally from Doncaster, Yorkshire, England."

My eyes widened. Those were my parents.

"I wonder what happened after...What happened with Olivia and Louis before the wedding." Harry says as he takes a sip of his coffee.

"Dad." Jarret gets his dad's attention. "Ericka's last name is Horan."

And that was how I got coffee all over me.

Did mom hide something that I shouldn't have known of?


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