Ericka's Opus: The Journey of Discovering Myself

Ericka Madison Horan. The 15 year old daughter of Niall Horan and Olivia Horan (former Carsons/Clifton). Only child, plays soccer like her mom and writes music like her dad. When she was about 8, she's been working on composing one of the greatest opus of all time, and hasn't stopped since. Most would say that's something a prodigy would do, but it's her past time. But when something from the past comes up that could change her life, Ericka realizes that life is not just about the music, it's about the journey. (Third installment of Start of Something New trilogy)


9. Cliff

We entered the bakery, and there was already a long enough line. "Is it always this busy?" I ask Jarret.

"When my father became famous, you couldn't even get in through the door. But since the band broke up and we all went separate ways, everything died down." He answered.

My eyes widened. Broke up? "Why did our dads' band break up?"

Jarret takes a deep breath. "I remember my dad telling me last night after we Skyped. It was after you were born. Your parents wanted to settle in America, but my dad and the others got really pissed at your dad because it was a different country. And since everyone was technically not seeing each other and their fame was dying out, they held a press meeting saying that One Direction was no more. And that was the last time they were ever together."

I stand there. I never knew that.

"Next!" The person behind all the yummy food announced. It was us. We step up to the counter. "Hey, Jarret!" The man said recognizing Jarret. "Long time, no see! How was America? What brings you back to Holmes?"

Jarret takes the man's hand and high fives it. "Hey, Cliff! America is going great. School's out for the year, and the family is here for a while. And I'll take a slice of the coffee cake."

Cliff gets the cake, and then suddenly notices me. "Hey, Jarret. I didn't know you had a date with you. Finally picking up what your dad had."

He rolls his eyes. "Ericka, this is my friend and former co-worker Cliff. Cliff, this is my American friend and NOT my date, Ericka."

"Well, Ericka, any friend of Jarret is a friend of mine. Cliff Hemmings is the name. And what would you like to order?"

I chuckle. "Um, I'll take either the chocolate muffin or the carrot cake. Whichever is good." I answer.

Cliff leaves and brings me back a plate with a slice of a cake. "I'm more of a cake person than a muffin person, so out of those two you said, the carrot cake is good."

I grab the plate. "Oh, and I didn't fully introduce myself. Ericka Horan."

Cliff's eyes grew. "Horan? Like, as in Niall Horan?"

"That's my dad." I answer.

Cliff gets out from behind the counter and hugs me. "Oh, god. My dad and his band opened for your dad, Jarret's dad, and rest of the band when they toured Europe for the TMH tour! So what brings you to England?"

He lets go. "Well, I'm having a bit of family problem. It involves my dad and one of his old band mates."

"Is it Louis Tomlinson?"

I nod. "I'm trying to figure out who my real dad is."

Cliff gives an unassuming nod. "My dad told me about the whole Niall and Olivia thing. And of the whole third album and such."

I look at Jarret. "I thought you only had two One Direction albums in your house?"

"There was a third album, 'Midnight Memories'. I just couldn't find it in the attic." He answered.

"Ah." I look back at Cliff. "You said your dad toured with our dads. Who's your dad?" I ask.

We all sit at the nearest table that had three chairs. "Oh, yeah. Styles over there knows, but my dad is Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer." Wow. "Oh, and Jarret, the rivaling secondary school just got a new teacher."

I look at the two of them. "Where did you guys go to school?" I ask.

"We went to Queen's Park together. But I only went for one year and then moved to Rocky River, where I met you." Jarret answered.

"Okay, so what's the rivaling school?" I'm full of questions.

"Hall Cross. It's some school in Doncaster." Cliff answers.

"And where's Doncaster?"

"So you leave the bakery, take a left, and it's in Yorkshire, which is some state in England." Jarret answers exaggerating the "and".

My mouth drops. "How are you rivals with a school that's a hundred miles away?!"

"We just are. So back to what I was saying." Cliff continues. "So you know my friend goes there, right?" Jarret nods. "Well, she called and said that they got a new drama teacher."

"Who is it?" Jarret asks.

"I just got this call, but all I heard before I had to get back to work was Mr. Tom. So he must be Mr.-" He got interrupted by a phone buzzing. He pulls his out and reads a text message he got. "I suggest you get a car and travel to Hall Cross once you figure out the whole father thing, Ericka."

"Why?" I ask, again.

"Because she just texted me saying that Mr. Tom is actually Mr. Tomlinson. So knowing people my dad worked with, that's Louis."

Huh, now if I find out that my dad is Louis, we can just drive up to Hall Cross. Neat. "Okay, we should probably leave you alone." I say. "It was nice meeting you, Cliff." We walk towards the door.

"Hey! When I'm done for the day, call me up and I'll join in this little hunt!" He yells back. I roll my eyes as we leave.

"So, where do we start?"

And our journey begins.


A/N: Okay, this took FOREVER to write. And no, I don't know a whole lot about 5 Seconds of Summer. The only reason I knew Luke's last name was because I looked it up.

And I'm dead on ideas. I already know who's Ericka's real dad, but it's just the middle of the story that I'm stuck on. Literally.

So happy Friday to everyone on the East side of the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, Japan, and Turkey! And hope everyone on the west and mid-coast of the US are having a lovely evening. I'm on the east side, so it's Friday for me!

Thanks for reading and sorry to keep you waiting for a while!


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