Ericka's Opus: The Journey of Discovering Myself

Ericka Madison Horan. The 15 year old daughter of Niall Horan and Olivia Horan (former Carsons/Clifton). Only child, plays soccer like her mom and writes music like her dad. When she was about 8, she's been working on composing one of the greatest opus of all time, and hasn't stopped since. Most would say that's something a prodigy would do, but it's her past time. But when something from the past comes up that could change her life, Ericka realizes that life is not just about the music, it's about the journey. (Third installment of Start of Something New trilogy)


19. Back home to Cleveland

"So I was out with Niall and the guys for his bachelor party that night. I was recently engaged to you, El." Louis said to Eleanor, his wife, and me.

We were in the living room of the Sheeran house, Annie taking care of Tamara, Louis' daughter slash my half sister. Tommy, my half brother, was at a sleepover.

So out of his kids, all three of us, im the oldest by being only fourteen months older than Tommy.

Now I'm here hearing the story of how I was conceived from my actual dad.

"So we got really drunk that night, like I couldn't remember what happened the night before. All I remember was taking a girl home with brown hair and brown eyes." He puts his head in his hands. "I had no clue it was Olivia. So when the news came out that she was pregnant with you, I was excited for her. Your mum was my childhood friend and my first crush. Little did I know for fifteen years until now...she's the mother of my first child." He's crying now. Eleanor put a hand on his shoulder and I put a hand on his other shoulder.

"Louis, it's okay." Eleanor says calmly.

"No it's not. A woman I once loved who's now married to my old friend and has a child and it's not his child but mine!" He looks at me now. "Are you going to tell your parents?" He asks quietly.

"Louis, I can't live under a lie. I've lived with one for my entire life so far. I got to." I say quietly.

Louis covers his entire face, but looks up his eyes red. "Can I do one thing before you tell them?" One thing. What is it? "You're American. When do you leave to head back to wherever you live?"

"I'm leaving with the Styles' tomorrow morning for Ohio." I answer. "Why?"

"I want to come with you." He replies.

"Louis, you have work to do tomorrow." Eleanor says putting a hand on her husband's shoulder. I'm surprised at how calm she is during all of this.

"It's my fault, El. I'm going to Ohio with them."


"Ladies and gentlemen we are beginning our descension into Akron-Canton Airport. Please fasten your seatbelt and thank you for flying with us."

I look at Jarret, who was sitting next to me, and take his hand after buckling up. We were hit with a big jump of turbulence as we then landed.

I look behind me at Louis, who had his sunglasses on and was sleeping. I nudge him a bit going, "Louis, we're in Ohio."

He sits up and lifts up his sunglasses. "Oh. Okay."

We all got up to grab our carry ons and left the plane.

I whipped out my phone to text my mom to say I was home from the trip. She replied with "WE MISSED YOU!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!! HAYDEN MISSED YOU TOO!!"

Aw, Hayden. I never realized how much I missed my own dog.

After getting our luggage and heading back to the car that has been in the same spot for like the past few weeks, we went back to my place to drop me off. Also for Louis to see my parents again and realize I discovered myself.

We pulled into my driveway, Louis says that my house looks beautiful, and I got out grabbing my things and walking towards the door.

Instantly my mom ran out to hug me. "Ericka!" She squealed and hugged me. Following suit was Niall.

"Hey kiddo!" He said after hugging me. That was when he looked up and I can see mom's smile slowly fading.

"Louis?" She questions as he walks up to her.

"Hey Er." He says but they don't hug.

"W...Why are you here?" She asks.

"I ran into your daughter. She also gave me this." He hands her the same copy of my birth certificate that I gave him when I met him.

My mom unfolds the paper, and that's when everything that was kept from me unfolds.

Guys I'm publishing this from my hotel room in Indiana and we are leaving soon. I'm so sad to be leaving this is already hard enough. My school's football team lost on Friday and so the football season is over and in a few hours my life will be over as marching band season will be over. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to marching band I'm not ready. Okay I gotta go bring my luggage down bye.

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