New Begining (One Direction Not Famous)

Lexi Cooper is a 17 years old teenager. She has a little sister Belle and her parents are divorced. She's kinda rebel and doesn't fit in at school. Then on the other hand you have the most popular guy at school Zayn Malik followed by his four best friends Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Like in every school you have the bitch and her crew Kiara Baker with at Leah, Rebecca and Emilia. What will happen when the bullying gets out of hands and she'll get scared and hurt ? Will someone come and save her ? Will she ever fall in love ? Read it to find out.


9. I'll make you forgt everything about last night, trust me


After talking to them, I went back to my room, well Zayn's and my room. I stepped away from the conversation cause I felt a little emotional. I'm not the emotional type but since what happened a few years ago, I completely shut myself from the world. No friends, no social life, just nothing, going to school for the studies and not for friends. But then Zayn had to come into my life making it feel amazing, meeting people I cared about and that looked like they cared about me too. I just didn't expect it to be so bittersweet. Those people being so rude, so mean. I knew what people could do for what they wanted, done that, been there. I thought after moving away to a new school, I could be happy and it hadn't been amazing but it wasn't that bad either. Now everything changed. I was their victim.

I opened the door and jumped on 'my bed' spreading myself on it like a weird starfish. I was just tired of being hated. You pity people who are bullied but you don't know how bad they're hurt. It's ridiculous. For the first time in a long, very long time, I let a tear escape from my eye. Another one, and another one. I had stayed like that letting the tears drop one by one on the chocolate brown fabric.

Click. The door opened. I turned around making my face, face away from the door, looking at the nightstand were I saw it was already 5.30pm. Time had passed really quickly. I heard the wooden floor crack underneath some heavy footsteps. I hadn't had the time to realize who it was but I could've recognized his voice between a thousand. "Hey, love. Are you okay ?" "Y-Yeah totally." Why did my voice always shake when I DIDN'T want it to ! "Really ? Look at me." Argh. Why was he always like that ? " I may know you for 2 days now but I know you quiet well, believe me." He slowly sat down on my bed and pulled my head towards his side. "Gorgeous, stop crying for bullshit. They don't really mean it, it's just cause they're jealous cause you know we... Well we..." That was a picture I would die for, Zayn Malik was actually shy. "Is the one and only Bradford Bad Boy blushing ?" I giggled, he was cute, definitely not the bad boy he tried to be. "So actually I was coming up to tell you that El and Dani are here and that the guys have been trying to make a fire for half an hour cause they want to make it old style, with you know wood." "Smooth way to change the conversation." I laughed. "Shut it, and come." He laughed with me, pulling me out of the bed. "I have to change first." "You're fine, come." 'Fine' ? I was wearing sweatpants and the largest shirt I owned. "Just let me change." He nodded and smiled. But then he just stood there. "Euh... You can leave now." I said looking at him and then the door. He smiled even wider and left but told me he was waiting outside the door for me. I took a pair of highwaisted jean shorts, with a white rocker shirt and my white converse. I went to the door that was in our room leading to a big bathroom. I put on the clothes and a last touch of makeup. Not that I was trying to be pretty, you know ? Just to look decent. Ok maybe also to be pretty, but what can I say ? I'm a girl, that's just normal.

I went back to the room and heard a knock. "Come in." Zayn came in. I put my makeup bag and the clothes I was wearing this morning in my bag that was on the ground. My thigh was hurting a lot. I couldn't really move well but I didn't want Zayn to worry. I tried to stand up straight but I couldn't so I ended up pushing myself up using the nightstand as support. Why was it hurting so much again ?


I came back in the room after having to wait outside for a couple of minutes. She was standing next to the bed right in front of where I was. She bent down and out back some stuff in her bag. I hadn't realized at first but she was hurting. She used the nightstand to stand up and then turned around. "Are your wounds still hurting ?" "No I'm fine." She was so stubborn. "You shut yourself up in a little cage and don't talk to anyone. You should stop that. Just tell me when it hurts !" I raised my voice a little, I kind off lost control on myself. "I guess it still hurts but I'm fine, really !" How fine can you be if you can't even stand up alone ? "Lex... Maybe you should take your injuries more seriously, you know, go to a doctor. They hurt you and tried to ra-" She cut me of before I could. "Shhhh, please don't say it. Please..." I got caught of guard. She started crying and slowly fell to the ground. Something was so fragile about her but when you see her she looks so strong. I knew she had something hidden that she wasn't telling me, nor any of us but I had to know. She started mumbling things, it wasn't about me. I went closer to her and out my hand on her shoulder. "Don't hurt me !" She looked up at me and I could see fear, sorrow, sadness and guilt. "I'm sorry, Zayn. I was rethinking about what had happened and I thought you were him, I'm so sorry I didn't intend to be mean. I'm sorry, I'm very sorry." She looked up again. I pulled her over to me, into a big hug. "It's fine, love. Everything's going to be fine. Lets try to have fun tonight okay ? Come on, lets go." I lifted her up from the ground and used my thumps to wipe the tears under her eyes. "I'll make you forget everything about last night, trust me." She smiled weakly as I took her hand and walked thru the door. I had to glue all the shattered pieces from her heart back together, and make her feel happy again.
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