New Begining (One Direction Not Famous)

Lexi Cooper is a 17 years old teenager. She has a little sister Belle and her parents are divorced. She's kinda rebel and doesn't fit in at school. Then on the other hand you have the most popular guy at school Zayn Malik followed by his four best friends Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Like in every school you have the bitch and her crew Kiara Baker with at Leah, Rebecca and Emilia. What will happen when the bullying gets out of hands and she'll get scared and hurt ? Will someone come and save her ? Will she ever fall in love ? Read it to find out.


6. Help me, please

LEXIS POV. (Nightmare)

"Mom !" I yelled. "Mo-om ? Where are you ?" I was in a white room all alone, I then saw my mom leaving by the door. I tried to follow her but someone or something blocked me. "Mom help me ? Why are you leaving me ? Why are you doing this for me ? Mom ! Come back ! Don't leave me ! Moooom !" She didn't look at me, she just continued like she hadn't heard me. I looked to both of my wrist cause something was tightening the grip. That's when I saw clone number 2 and 3 holding me while Kiara came closer. Clone #1 gave her a silver object. I couldn't see what it was until she was close to my face. She started doing the same thing as yesterday. "I swear you will pay for that ! you cant even imagine bow bad your life is gonna be." She was whispering in my ear. Then a door appeared out of nowhere. What the heck was going on ? Tom came in. He ripped all my clothes. He was gonna r-rape me ? "Help me please !" I screamed. I opened my mouth again but it was covered by his hands right away. "I swear, if you say one more word..." I bit his hand. And pushed him away. "You bitch !" I stood up and ran. There was nowhere to go, no walls, windows and the door disappeared. I was always running going into a white direction. He soon grabbed me making ma fall. He raised his hand holding a knife. "HELP ME PLEASE ! AAAAH"

"Hey, wake up !" I felt someone shaking me a bit. I recognized Zayn's voice.
"Lexi, what's wrong ?" Niall asked.
"What happened sweetie ?" Louis asked.
"Lex, everything's okay." Harry said.
"We're here." Liam continued.

I opened my eyes and felt tears rolling down my cheeks. They all came in the bed next to me and Zayn pulled me up. "What happened ?" I asked. "Well I woke up and saw you moving around but you suddenly started screaming so we all woke up and came up to you." Liam said. "What was your dream about, anyways ?" Zayn asked. "I don't know, I don't rememb..." I started but while I was talking I remembered everything. "So care to tell us ?" Harry asked obviously realizing I had had some sort of flashback. "About... My mom leaving me and then some guy trying to rape ma, but then I ran away and h tried to... to k-kill m-me." They looked at me surprised but then Zayn comforted me again. "Well no one is gonna harm you. We're all here to protect you. Don't worry." "Why don't we all go to the beach tomorrow ? I have a beach house there." Liam asked. "That's awesome, El and Dani could come too." Everyone started being all happy. They were all talking together and then I saw it was already 4am. "Go back to sleep, love." Zayn said again. Everyone went back to their places. And I closed my eyes seeing my dream come back. I breathed heavily and opened my eyes, scared of remembering it all over again. "Are you okay, Lex ?" Zayn whispered. "I'm scared." I whispered back. He sat up and went in bed next to me. "I'll be here the hole time so don't worry." I closed my eyes and saw it again making me open them. He realized it and put his arm around me to comfort me. "I'll be here the hole night so sleep." I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
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