New Begining (One Direction Not Famous)

Lexi Cooper is a 17 years old teenager. She has a little sister Belle and her parents are divorced. She's kinda rebel and doesn't fit in at school. Then on the other hand you have the most popular guy at school Zayn Malik followed by his four best friends Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Like in every school you have the bitch and her crew Kiara Baker with at Leah, Rebecca and Emilia. What will happen when the bullying gets out of hands and she'll get scared and hurt ? Will someone come and save her ? Will she ever fall in love ? Read it to find out.


12. Fancy Fair


"Lexi, wake up. Seriously! I've never met anyone that could sleep more than me." I felt someone shaking me, trying to wake me up. I didn't care who it was, I was too tired!

"Hmmm..." I took a cushion and threw it at the person.

"Ouch!" That's when I felt myself being turned around and something heavy on me. "Lex, wake up." I opened my eyes and saw Zayn sitting on top of me.

"So yesterday, you kiss me and today you're on top of me. Are you trying to abuse me ?" I laughed and he smiled. But that's when I realized what I had said. Why was everything always turning about the events that had happened the day before yesterday?

"You okay ?"

"Fine. Now get your arse off of me." He smiled, got off of me, took my hand and pulled me out.

"Oh my god, it's 9.45. You are waking me up the first week of two months vacation at 9.45 ? Are you crazy ? I need my beauty sleep."

"You are perfect to me."

"Yeah yeah, use that in your next song." I chuckled.

"Do you want to have breakfast with me ?" He asked with his hazel eyes looking at me.

"Sure. Yeah. I'd love that." We went downstairs, there was no one.

"See ? That's what I was saying, no one is awake at freaking 9.45." He chuckled.

"Will you forget this please ?" I nodded and started baking pancakes. We ate them inside cause it was still cold outside.

"So, Lexi, I wanted to ask something." He said a bit nervous.


"I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go on a date with me today ?" I could see he was nervous, very nervous.

"I'd like that a lot..."

"But ?"

"But I'm not really into fancy things and wearing a beautiful dress reminds me of prom and yeah... It's not my favorite subject." I joked.

"No I thought about something cooler. You don't need a dress neither high heels. Just be yourself cause I like you this way." He smiled and leaned in and kissed me.

"I saw that " I turned around and saw Harry coming down followed by El.

"Maybe I can get a good morning kiss too." He gave me the kiss face.

"You don't have to." Zayn glared at Harry, what pleased him a lot.

"What are you planning today ?" El asked coming over to the table next to us.

"Date." Zayn said like it was nothing but he looked excited.

"Oh really ? When are you taking her out ? Lets go shopping for tonight." Eleanor looked too happy, it was funny.

"I'm taking her out this afternoon so like in two hours."

"Two hours ? You want her to be prepared in two hours ?" Eleanor was freaking out right now.

"Yes, but it's not fancy so everything will be fine." I said to her.

"No, no, no. We have to wake Danielle up and prepare you!"


"No buts, come on." She took my hand and dragged me away.

"I think I'm gonna try to call, I don't want to see a nude Liam, you know ?" She delayed the number and put her phone on speaker.

"Hello, Dani ?"
"What do you want ? I'm sleeping!"
"We have an emergency."
"Nothing important enough to wake me up at 11."
"Lex is going on a date with Zayn."
"I'll be out in a minute." She said randomly making El laugh.

She hung up. We went back over to our room and then arrived Danielle.

"Where are you going ? We need to go shopping."

"I have two hours before leaving and it has to cool, nothing complicated."

"2 hours ?" She looked at Eleanor before looking back at me.

"Really ?" I nodded.

"We need a miracle." I chuckled.

"So you are more of the rocky type right ? I mean I'm not sure I don't really know you that well."

"Yeah I like the rock, comfortable style."

"Ok let's do this. Go take a shower in my bathroom, I sent Louis to Harry's and Niall's room already." I nodded as they stayed back to choose an outfit. When I got out, they were all proud. I looked at what was displayed on the bed and after making a few arrangements, it looked pretty awesome. There was a cool shirt, some really nice shoes, they had begged me too wear some grey sequined shorts that were Eleanor's, I got a nice bag and they lent me some jewels. They were pretty nice, I liked the girls a lot.

"I can do your makeup and we should definitely let you hair loose it's amazing." I smiled a bit embarrassed. 

"So... How did you and Zayn get so close in a few days ?"


"No it's fine, I don't mind answering that." I smiled.

"I guess there was some sort of big attraction going on between us. I will never say that to him but I had always had a little crush on him." They laughed.


"You're feeling a hole lot less badass now right ?" Danielle chuckled.

"But there must have been something really big bringing you guys together."

"El, you're too curious!" Danielle continued.

"We'll talk about that later." I didn't feel 100% comfortable talking about the past days events to two girls I had known for 19 hours.

"Sure, babes."

"El, do you mind if I talk with Louis for a sec ?" I asked.

"Euh... No not at all. Everything okay ?" She asked.


"Ok good well he's in the room, I'll text him to tell him you're coming over but first, go stand in front of the mirror." I did as she asked and there I stood, in front of the mirror in an amazing outfit. It wasn't anything too fancy but it said 'Im not trying too hard but I did put an effort in it'. And my makeup was good. More lipstick and less black around the eyes, what surprisingly didn't bother me.

"Girls, I will never be able to thank you enough! This is amazing! Thank you. I'll owe you one." They smiled and gave me a group hug, I guess they were pretty affectionate.

(Outfit:  )

I left the room and knocked on Louis' room.

"Come in, Lex." I opened the door and he was standing there smiling.


"Hi is something wrong ?"

"No not really, the day is starting pretty well." I smiled back at him.

"Yeah, I heard you were going on a date. Good job." He made a weird hilarious face.

"Yes, I just had a small question for you. Euh... You didn't tell the girls about... You know ?"

"No, we wanted to but Zayn thought it was better that you decide if you want to or not." I smiled and thanked him.

"Don't think about it and enjoy your date."

"I will." I smiled and was about to close the door before I heard Louis yell: "You look very nice, by the way."

"Thank you." I ran downstairs and looked around for Zayn but couldn't find him. I took my bag and put my phone, purse and makeup bag in it, not that I would reapply makeup but Eleanor and Danielle had begged me to take it.

"Hey, ready to go ?" I turned around to face him.

"Woaw, you look beautiful."

"Thank you." I smiled. He took my hand and we went out by the back door. We started walking on the beach.

"Where are we going ?"

"I wanted to have a fun date. It's not really my type but I know you'll like it."

"Seems nice, so now, where are we going ?"

"Have you heard about the Brighton Pier ?"

"Yes! I've always wanted to go there! Wait... Are we ? Now ?"

"Well if you want to, I thought about taking you there." He smiled.

"I want. I want." He laughed. "Calm down, we're almost there."

We arrived at the pier and weirdly, there weren't too much people. The atmosphere was beautiful, the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves and all the people smiling and having fun.

"Let's go one that." "Sure." I took his hand and ran towards a ride that was called

"The Waltzer." The both of us sat down next to each other, when the machine started going way too fast. There was a rush of adrenaline going thru me and it felt amazing. It was going so fast, I ended up squished to him. 


When we were done with that one, we we went on another one. I think we did all of them, from the thrill rides like The Booster, The A-SYMM, The Galaxia, The Crazy Mouse... To the more traditional rides like The Carousel, The Horror Hotel, The Helter Skelter... It was amazing, we had fun but Zayn was also very sweet he would slip a kiss or a hug in between every attraction making me love him even more. I don't believe in love at first sight, I think it's a myth but with Zayn it was different. Yes, I always had a crush on him, but I never really cared that much, I just thought he was a snotty rich player who I had some feelings for. But no, everything had changed and I could still not believe that this nightmare of a night ended up having some good sides too. Don't get me wrong, if I could rewind, I would make sure the night never had happened but I couldn't, it was impossible and I knew I would stay scared for a while, maybe forever, but i couldn't let it eat me up like it did.

"Are you alright ?" Zayn asked worriedly. I smiled and his eyes softened.

"Yeah, I was just thinking how lucky I was you came for me that night." I smiled tearing up a bit.

"I would have looked for you everywhere if I had to." He smiled bringing his hand closer, pulling my head towards him. 

"I know I already told you but I don't mind telling you again-"I cut him off knowing what he was about to say.

"I like you too." He smiled and leaned in, our lips barely touched, but that quickly changed when the kiss got heated. My hands were gripping his shirt pulling him closer, my back arched, his hands on my back trying to reduce the air in between us. His tongue licked my lip asking for permission and I gladly gave him, making the kiss even more passionate. It felt amazing.

We then finally pulled away trying the catch our breath.

"That was... Euh..."

"Yeah it was..." We both had lost the words the say what we felt but it was strong. I could still feel the sparks from the kiss.

"Let's go." Zayn took my hand and brought me at the exit of the pier but just before we were out, he went over to one of the food stands and whispered something into the guy's ear. They boy nodded, smiled, went to the back and came back with a bag with a big box in it.

"Come on." He took my hand in one of his and the bag in the other. We walked for a while till we arrived closer to our house but not in front of it. He brought me to the exact same rock as yesterday, bringing back good memories. I smiled to myself when he pulled me on it. He opened the bag and took out a cloth. We sat on it and he too out the box and opened it. I was surprised when I saw some soft drinks and sweets; a bag of candy floss, doughnuts, crepes, candy rocks, Belgian waffles... I smiled tearing up again. Nobody had ever done that much to make me like them and Zayn didn't need to do all of that cause I liked him already but he did and it made me happy.

"You have to stop doing this." I said a tear escaping. He looked a bit worried and confused.

"Doing what ? Did I do something wrong ?"

"No, you did everything a girl would want, you're making me blush, making my heart pound, making me smile, I get flustered all the time and I'm usually no that kind off girl." I said chuckling a bit at how what I'm saying feels like it belongs i a romantic movie with bad-written lines.

He chuckled and then took my hand in his. "You perfectly described how you make me feel and I like to make you blush or to hear your heart pounding cause I know I have that power over you, just like you have it over me and I think it's cute how we know each other for such a long time, were interested in each other for a little while but that we officially met 3 days ago and that I already have such strong feelings for this strong, yet weak beautiful girl." I smile and another tear escaped then I thought about what he said and started laughing. 

"What ?" He asked confused

"You know that everything you say makes me think you're a lot less bad boy than you try to make yourself seem ? Even Niall looks more bad boy than you." I laughed as his mouth slowly formed an 'o' shape.

"You are so gonna regret this Cooper." he carried me bridal style and jumped in the water. I thought it was funny that he always stayed at the same place cause he didn't know how to swim.

"ZAYN!" I laughed coming back up.

"Isn't it funny how I always get you wet ?" He smiled cheekly.

"Eeeeeuuuuw! You're such a perv!" I laughed and he quickly joined me.

We stayed in the water for what seemed like an hour, splashing water at each other, going under, kissing... It felt like Zayn knew me since forever, I mean he knew more than me in three days than what my old friends used to know from me in 5 years and yes, I was scared of telling him but he had proved me I could trust him and that was all that matters. We finally got out of the water. Zayn took out 2 big towels and rapped one around me. We sat there eating the sweets in front of the sun going under.


I guess it was a romantic movie cause like every romance ends well, my date ended up better...


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