New Begining (One Direction Not Famous)

Lexi Cooper is a 17 years old teenager. She has a little sister Belle and her parents are divorced. She's kinda rebel and doesn't fit in at school. Then on the other hand you have the most popular guy at school Zayn Malik followed by his four best friends Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Like in every school you have the bitch and her crew Kiara Baker with at Leah, Rebecca and Emilia. What will happen when the bullying gets out of hands and she'll get scared and hurt ? Will someone come and save her ? Will she ever fall in love ? Read it to find out.


8. Brighton, here we come


The five boys and I were heading to Brighton. Danielle and Eleanor would meet us there later. Louis was driving with Liam next to him. Harry and Niall were sitting in the middle and Zayn and I were all the way in the back. I was kind off spacing out, still thinking about what people could actually do to get what they want. What was written on the door made me feel like they had described me how I actually was. I had left my mom's necklace over there cause I didn't wanted to see it broken everyday. I looked outside slowly seeing us leave the city and going into a hole other atmosphere. I didn't want to go anymore but I couldn't tell them that, they had been so nice to me. "What's wrong, love ?" Zayn asked. I turned around to look at him. "You seem quiet down. Is there something bothering you ?" Harry instantly turned around waiting for ME to tell Zayn. "I'm fine, my body is still a bit sore and I guess I'm tired." Harry's face instantly changed and turned back to the front. "Ok, I guess. You can sleep on my lap." He smiled at me trying to make me feel better. Like he had asked me I laid my head on his lap, while he put his arm around me. I fell asleep seeing his smiling face looking at me.


She had been down for a while and I could see something was wrong. Since she came back from her room she hadn't smiling once. Not real ones at least. She fell asleep on my laps and now I needed to talk to Harry it was my last chance. She had fallen way to asleep to hear anything we would say. "Harry what's going on ?" "What do you mean ?" He turned around giving me his fake I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about face. "Harry !" "Okay well I asked her to tell you personally so I can't." "Do you think she would REALLY think she will tell me ?" He looked down. "You have to tell me." "Fine, fine !" He looked up and I could see he knew he would hurt me. "What is it ?" I asked impatiently. "Well we came back, there was something hanging on the door. A note. I told her to not read it but she did. She wouldn't show she was hurting but she was. Then when we opened the door, her room was a mess, they had thrown everything on the ground and broke a lot of things. There was a necklace that was broken, the one she always wear, that was the last thing her mom had given her." He was sad but that wasn't enough for me. "What did the note say ?" "Zayn I don't think you should know that." "Come on, Harry ! Tell me !" I was getting mad. He thought about it for a while and then continued. "It said "You don't match Zayn and you never will. You're just a random slut, he'll just throw you back where you deserve to be, on the streets with you're other whore friends. " when I heard that I felt angry. I obviously knew who had done that. Why were they so mean ? It pissed me off. "Zayn I'm sorry I try to make her not read it but she was just to curious." At this point everyone listened. "Don't worry, mate. Thanks. And do you know where the necklace is ?" That kind off surprised him but the he just smirked. "I do, I have it with me." That was finally some good news. I was gonna say something but she started moving, standing up. "Mmmmm..." She opened her eyes vey slowly. "Hey, feeling less tired?" "Yes, thank you." She smiled but she was still a bit tired from just waking up. "We're here." I looked up and saw the luxurious beach house that Liam and his hole family owned. But for this week it was just ours. 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms... Wait so Liam and Dani in one, Louis and El in another, then Niall and Harry, Lexi and... Me ? That's gonna be interesting. We got out, Niall helped Lexi and we all took our bags. I took Lexi's after she was done protesting. We all went to our room and I ended up with in a two beds room with Lexi. "If you're uncomfortable, I'll go sleep on the couch." I smiled a bit cause I could see she still wasn't smiling. "No it's fine." She still didn't smile. I took her wrists in my arm and made her sit on the bed write in front of me. "Tell me." "What ?" She acted like she didn't know. But she obviously did. "How I can make you smile." She instantly put a fake smile on her face. "Everything's fine. I'm smiling." "Come on Lex. You shouldn't believe what was written on the note." Her smiled disappeared and she was annoyed. "Harry ?" "Yes, he told me." She was mad, very mad. "Lexi you have to understand. He didn't want to tell me. I kind of begged him." She tried to stand up but I held her bag. "I was worried. I care about you, a lot. I usually don't say it but I really do." Her eyes widened.


I would kill Harry the next time I'll see him. I was so pissed. SO pissed. "I was worried. I care about you, a lot. I usually don't say it but I really do." I was chocked. He cared about me. I had heard that once before but it wasn't real and it didn't make me feel that way. I liked him a lot but does he CARE about me like I like him ? "You don't have to be worried... I'm fine." I wanted to tell him but I was scared. "I-I care about you two. I really do..." He instantly smiled big. Very big. I couldn't help but smile to. He let my wrists go and took my hand in his. "Let's go downstairs." I really did like him. His smile, his eyes, his muscular body, EVERYTHING. We went downstairs and Harry was next to the staircase so I just jumped on his back. "Hey ! What's going on !" I laughed. "You traitor. I'm never telling you anything again." I didn't actually mean it. "Oh you want to play it like that ?" He asked, turning around really fast making me almost fall. "Hey Harry. You're gonna make her fall ! She still has wounds, you're gonna hurt her !" Zayn screamed, laughing. That's when my hand slipped and Zayn caught me. We both fell on the ground and started to laugh. "Hey guys ?" Louis screamed. "It's 5pm now. Why don't we hold a fire on the beach tonight. We can talk, sing and El and Dani will be here in an hour. And Lex, I don't know if Zayn told you but he can sing." Zayn shot Louis a look. "Not true Harry can sing." Harry shot Zayn a look. "I can't sing, Niall can." He smiled. "I'm not sure I can really sing but I know Liam can." He lifted his head up and looked at Niall, then at me. "Louis can sing." Louis stood up and took a dramatic tone and posture. "It's true, My Lady, I can siiing" he was talking with a weird Russian accent. "So let me ask you of I'm correct. You guys can all sing but are way to childish to tell me ?" They nodded. "Well then what's gonna happen to tonight is that you're all gonna sing together." They were going to protest but I stopped them. "Shhhhh, conversation is over." We all chuckled. I liked all of them a lot. Even if had just met them yesterday, they cared about me. Niall was cute and sweet, Louis was over dramatic and very funny, Liam was responsible but a lot of fun, Harry was my best friend now and Zayn... Well Zayn was amazing. Everything about him. This holiday would be interesting.


Sorry for not updating in a while but I have been busy with school. I have also started a new story called 'For you I'll be a superhuman' co-written with my amazing friend Babette. Please check it out. I'm also looking for Niall's girlfriend for this story. If you have any suggestion or you wanna be his girlfriend you can always comment, mail me or tweet.

Twitter: FloreBelleB

Kisses from Belgium :************
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