New Begining (One Direction Not Famous)

Lexi Cooper is a 17 years old teenager. She has a little sister Belle and her parents are divorced. She's kinda rebel and doesn't fit in at school. Then on the other hand you have the most popular guy at school Zayn Malik followed by his four best friends Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Like in every school you have the bitch and her crew Kiara Baker with at Leah, Rebecca and Emilia. What will happen when the bullying gets out of hands and she'll get scared and hurt ? Will someone come and save her ? Will she ever fall in love ? Read it to find out.


5. A night With the guys.


"You can change into those." Zayn came back from his closet and handed me some boxers and a shirt. "Thanks." He helped me up to the small bathroom. He was about to leave when I slipped. "Wow, maybe I should stay... You know... so that nothing bad happens." I could see he was worried but he was sooo enjoying himself. "Fine. But look at the door." I was watching him from the mirror. I looked around. It was a blue painted little room. The door was at the opposite side of the mirror with a sink under it. At my left I had a shower and at my right a toilet. It was small but big enough. I took my dress of, but before it was all the way down I saw his eyes moving from the door and looking at me. "In front of you, Malik. I'm sure that the door is looking for some attention. Maybe you can give her what she needs." I giggled and he laughed and went back to his original position. I slit on the boxers and I was about to put on his shirt but then tripped over the dress that was on the ground, my feet getting all tangled in it. Zayn grabbed me before I could hit the cold ground. He pulled me back up without letting go. I hadn't put on my shirt yet, leaving me in his boxer and my black underwear. I couldn't be happier with my choice of underwear for once. His hands were wrapped around me, his skin touching mine, sending me chills... "How many times will I end up catching you ?" He asked smiling. "Don't act like you don't like it." "You're right. I love it." He was smiling not that kind of smile you get from a friend, neither the fake smile, not even a thankyou smile. It's a smile you get when the person actually cares about you, a smile you get when the person's eyes shine for you. That was the one he gave me before leaning in. He stopped just so I could feel his breath. "Could you have fallen for me, Cooper ?" "What about you, Malik ?" I said trying to sound as confident, yet sexy at the same time. It worked cause that's when I could feel him coming closer. "Hey, mate ! What are you doing to her ? Don't you think it would be nice to share ?" I heard Harry scream, what startled both of us. Damn. I had felt the warmth of his lips ALMOST kissing mine. Yes, I said almost. I pushed Zayn away, him not wanting to let go. He gave me a pouting face, just like a child. "Come on." I pulled away, about to put his shirt on. "I like you better without it." He was joking but I could see some seriousness in it. "Well that's surprising. I surely hadn't expect that from you." I chuckled and so did he. His shirt smelt just like him, making the butterflies in my stomach go crazy.

After going back out, Zayn carrying me on his back to be sure I wouldn't 'fall', he put me on the bed and we all started to talk.


"So, Lexi, what is you're option in this school ?" Niall asked. "Music and drama department. I have drama classes, math and English with Zayn. And music and history with Liam." "Why have you never talked to me ?" Liam asked this time. "Well you're always surrounded by girls and you have Danielle, just like Louis has Eleanor. And if you hadn't realized I'm kind of a loner." "Why ?" Niall asked. We're they seriously gonna ask her questions the hole night ? "Cause you trust people and they just walk out on you when they're supposed to be there for you, after that you get hurt and make mistakes. I guess no one wants to go back to getting hurt." As she said that everyone was quiet. We then decided to watch a movie. Everyone had there own ideas on that. Like Liam and Harry were fighting about 'Toy Story' or 'Love Actually'. Jeez those 2. We ended up watching 'Abduction' an action movie. I have no clue how we got to it but at least everyone was happy.

I was sitting on the bed leaning with my back against the wall. The other ones were on the ground and Lexi was laying down with her head on my lap. We watched the hole movie like that and then went to sleep. She tried to sleep but everytime she would try to lay on her side it would hurt. She ended up falling asleep and I did too.
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