Cami goings to a concert with backstage. Harry loves her but she doesn't know what does Harry do???...Read to Find out


2. The wierd Talk

Harry's P.O.V

I just loved her alot... don't get me wrong i loved her so.. um i should make my move.. YEAH I SHOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cami's P.O.V

I think I was falling with Harry. Not like a Fangirl... But i can't.... I love Tobias..... Maybe Harry doesn't have the same feelings.. I acted like I didn't care.. The concert started... * After The Concert*

Harry's P.O.V

*Backstage* "Hey Cami" I said. " Hey Curly" I loved that she called me curly i love that!!!"So.. Cami Are you single or Taken???" "Umm Single... you???" " Same so.. Cami wanna get some umm.." Her phone rang. " Sorry" She said while getting her phone out of her pocket.

Cami's P.O.V

Me: Hey Tob

Tobias: Hey Cam

Me: So.. Why'd you call me??

Tobias: Umm Camila... I LOVE YOU!!!!!!WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME???

Me: Nope Sorry

Tobias: What?!?!?!?! but..

Me: Just Kidding of corse!!!

Harry's P.O.V

She was going out with this boy named Tobias... I was so mad!!!!" So Harry what did you want to tell?" She said." Umm Nothing... Let's go..." Her friend Lily was with Niall. Niall loved her you could tell. " Lily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "What???" " Tob asked me out...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Cami yelled " OMG REALLY???????" Lily yelled " YES HE DID OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!" Cami yelled happily. I cried. Niall came up to me and said" What wrong mate??"... " Nothing" I said wiping my triers. I didn't want to lose Cami  but she's happy.....

A/N Hey Gals and Guys... Well umm what do you think??? anyway I'M SORRY FOR NOT UPDATEING FAST!!!!! I HAVE SCHOOL AND TONS OF HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!! Btw Thanks for reading.. LUFF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


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