Cami goings to a concert with backstage. Harry loves her but she doesn't know what does Harry do???...Read to Find out


1. The concert

Cami's P.O.V

I was getting for the concert with backstage. I was wearing a one direction Vas Happin?? shirt and I short, cute skirt. I did my make-up.I have high-tops. I got alot into my car started to drive and one direction i would came on i started singing along. When I got there, I looked around nobody was there so I gave the people my ticket and got into my seat. Then I saw my friend Lily. I waved to her, smiling like crazy.She ran to me and hugged me like crazy.I loved her so much. Then I saw Harry peeking. I yelled" I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HARRY. That made Lily sream. He smiled and came on stage it still was Me and Lily plus Harry." Hello Beautiful"Harry said SUPER cutely."OMG DID HARRY  STYLES JUST CALL ME BEAUTIFUL!!!!" I said sream." Opps Did I just say that out loud???" I Blushed. Harry Smiled." Well umm nice to meet you.. Umm whats your name???" He said smiling." I'm Cami and Thats..., Lily said" Why can't i say my name?"I said" Okay Gal Said it.."Lily yelled" Hi I'm YO MOMMA!!!" I said"  Umm Well, Her name is Lily just incase  you forgot I'm Cami."

-Harry's P.O.V-

I thought Cami was perfect,Cute,funny. I loved her even though I don't know her. I was falling for her HARD!!!" So do you guys have BackStage?" I asked hoping they say yes." Yep We do" When She said that i lite up like a christmas tree.I just loved her so much....



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