Forever & Always

Emily had a perfect life before her house blew up in the fire her ex-boyfriend started. It was on her 17th birth day all of her family was over and everyone died except her and her ex. Now the only family member she has left is her Uncle Simon Cowell. He takes her in and that's when she meets the boys from One Direction. Her and Harry fall in love and Simon forbids their relationship. Read the story to find out what happens to Emily and Harry!


31. Unknown Kiss

Niall's POV

"Well boys, I have to go to America. I have a meeting about next years X-Factor. I'm going to have to leave my flights in a few hours. So will one of you boys stay here with Emily tonight?" Simon asks us.

"I will!" I blurt out almost to quickly.

They all look at me with a confused look. Simon clears his throat before speaking again.

"Well then... I guess I'll be going."

We all shake his hand. He walks over to the side of Emily's bed and smiles at her.

"Get well soon. I won't be back for about two weeks. Go on a vacation or something if you want."

He leans town and kisses the top of her forehead.

"Bye Uncle Simon."

He smiles as he closes the door behind him.

"Well I think I'm going to go back to Simon's house. I'm tired and I'm flying home the day after tomorrow and I have to catch up on my sleep. Do any  you guys need a ride?" Louis asks looking at Zayn and Liam.

They both nod. They all give Emily quick hugs and kisses her cheeks.

"And then there were two." Emily says smiling at me.

I flash her a smile back as I get up to sit in the closes chair next to her.

"So then, How are you feeling Emily?"

She looks at me and blushes.

"Well my heads starting to hurt."

I look at the nasty cut on her forehead and nod. I get up and walk to the door.

"Aye, My friend in here's head is staring to hurt!" I yell in the hallway.

A nurse looks at me and nods motioning for me to walk back into the room. I sit back down next to Emily.

"I feel bad that you have to stay here with me... You can go back to Uncle Simon's If you want, I'll be fine." She says giving me a reassuring smile.

"No Emily, I'll stay here with you."

I grab her hand and place it in my own.

"Here are a few painkillers." The nurse says walking through the door.

"Oh, thanks." Emily says smiling at her.

"I got you some water too." The nurse adds on.

"Alright, have a good night."  Emily replies sweetly.

The nurse nods at Emily and smiles at me.

"Goodbye!" I call after her.

I look at Emily and smile. Her bright blue eyes stare into my own blue eyes. I almost melt as she reaches over with her good arm and brushes off my shoulder. Her touch sends shivers throughout my body

"Sorry there were crumbs there."

"It's fine, You should get some rest."

She sighs as she leans back onto her pillow.

"Goodnight Niall."

"Goodnight beautiful."

I smile as a blush creeps onto her face. I tuck a stray bit of hair behind her tangled bloodstained blonde hair.

I see her breathing slow down which means she's falling asleep. When her eyelids start to flutter I realize she's dreaming. I'd be safe to do this now.

Just do it Niall. No one will ever know.

I lean over and softly enough not to wake her up kiss her on the lips. I take her hand into my own. I smile as I lean back onto my chair and begin to sleep.


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