Forever & Always

Emily had a perfect life before her house blew up in the fire her ex-boyfriend started. It was on her 17th birth day all of her family was over and everyone died except her and her ex. Now the only family member she has left is her Uncle Simon Cowell. He takes her in and that's when she meets the boys from One Direction. Her and Harry fall in love and Simon forbids their relationship. Read the story to find out what happens to Emily and Harry!


13. The Salt and Ice challenge

Emily's POV

"You know what? This is pretty boring let's play a game!"

It's pretty awkward just sitting around staring at each other so I thought why not?


Louis yells. Jumping up and down on the couch making it vibrate. It's pretty awkward with the couch vibrating because I'm on Harry's lap so... yunno.

"Louis Truth or Dare!" I say smiling at him.

"Well I'll definitely have to say... DARE!"

He yells, again making the couch vibrate.

"Alright I dare you to... Pull down your pants and do the wiggle!" 

We all laugh but Louis just stares at me and blinks.

"I'm sorry Emily but that is non appropriate behavior. But, by picking dare I gave you my word. And I Louis William Tomlinson always keep my word. So I'm sorry gentlemen but I must pull down my pants and do the wiggle."

He says in a very serious. We all laugh as pulls down his pants showing us his very toned legs and does the wiggle. All I can say was, that was a pretty big bump. Harry notices me looking.

"Alright Louis you can pull up your pants now!" Harry says in an annoyed tone.

"Alright than Mr. Bossy pants! Dare or Truth?" Louis says mixing it up and looking at Harry.

"Hmm... Well that's a tough one. I'll have to go with Dare!" Harry says smirking at me.

"I dare you to kiss Emily for 60 seconds ... with TONGUE!" Louis says jumping up and down.

"I'll be suffering but I can't back down from a dare!" Harry says smirking at me as he leans in.

As our lips touch I feel my whole body shiver. Slowly he licks my mouth asking to part my lips. I open my lips a little ways and with that our first kiss begins.

Harry's POV

"Alright guys! Stop it! It's been like 5 minutes and I'd rather not be watching you make out all day!" Niall says sounding very annoyed.

I look into Emily's eyes as she backs away from our kiss. She gives me a shy smile and boy her face is red! I give her my cheeky smile and she looks down at the ground. I really do love Emily and all I want is for her to be Happy. I want her to feel comfortable with me and know that she can trust me with anything. Her deep blue eyes look up at me. And she gives me another shy smile. I look away.

"Alright Liam! Truth or Dare?" I say grinning at him.

"Truth!" He says looking up at me.

"Why do we even ask anymore! We all know you'll pick Truth! Alright... when was the most embarrassing moment in your life?" I ask him slightly chuckling.

He takes a minute to think.

"Well once I was on a blind date with this girl. We had gone dancing and so I hadn't noticed that the reason she didn't want to dance with me was because my pants were torn all up my right leg showing my batman trousers!" He says laughing at himself.

"Niall truth or dare?" Liam asks glancing at Niall.

"Dare!!!!!" Niall yells at the top of his lungs.

"I dare you to do the salt and ice challenge!" Liam asks very proud of his idea.

"I'll get the salt  and ice!" Louis asks jumping up off the couch.

Emily steals Louis spot. I smile at her and she giggles. She rests her feet on my lap.

"I don't want to do the salt and ice challenge!" Niall says whining.

"Oh suck it up! I'll do it with you!" Emily says getting up off the couch.

I'm the only one still sitting so I get up off the couch to.

"I'm back!" Louis says smiling as he enters the room.

He pours some salt on Emily and Niall's arm.

"Alright once the I put the ice on the salt you have to apply pressure with your other forearm!" Liam says sounding like he knows all about this stuff.

Liam puts the ice on their forearms and they quickly apply the pressure.

"Owww!" Niall yells.

"This really burns!" Emily says whining.

"Bet I can last longer" Niall says winking at her.

"You're on!" Emily says challenging Niall.

"You're at 30 seconds now!" Liam says watching the stopwatch on his phone.

"Are you gunna quit?" Niall says grinning at Emily.

"Never! I will beat you Niall Horan!" She says returning the playful grin.

"60 seconds!" Liam says still watching the stopwatch.

"Aww! I'm done!" Niall says yelling. "

Yes! This really hurts!" Emily replies.

"I bet you Niall!" Emily says smirking at Niall.

"We'll have a rematch someday and I will beat you Emily!"

We all laugh once they run off trying to find some cool water to treat their arms.

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