Forever & Always

Emily had a perfect life before her house blew up in the fire her ex-boyfriend started. It was on her 17th birth day all of her family was over and everyone died except her and her ex. Now the only family member she has left is her Uncle Simon Cowell. He takes her in and that's when she meets the boys from One Direction. Her and Harry fall in love and Simon forbids their relationship. Read the story to find out what happens to Emily and Harry!


5. Simon's gone, What now?

Harry's POV

Emily just collapsed onto the couch. She looks like she did when I walked into her room earlier.

"Emily, Who was it?" I ask hoping it wasn't Ryan.

"I---It w-w-was R-r-r-ryan."

I fall on to the couch next to her. Louis slurrs,

"The guy that Simon was talkin' abou'?" We both nod.

The guys all sit in a chair.

"Emily, What did he say?" I ask her putting my hands on her shoulders.

"He said he'll see me soon, that means he's here, in England!"

Emily and I run to all of the doors and windows and lock each one.

"Wait the gate in the front yard! We have to close the gate!" she looks so panicked!

I hear the desperation in her voice and know this is something she won't rest about. I grab her hand and pull her out the door to close the gate. It starts raining as soon as we exit the door. We run hand in hand to the gate. As soon as we see the headlights of the car we get the gate to shut. We hear the car slam and Ryan yells,

"I will get you Emily!!! you will be mine!"

We finally reach the door. Someone must of locked it because it won't open! We start screaming at the boys to open the door. We hear the motor of the car as it crashes through the gate. We look behind us and sure enough Ryan just smashed the gate he's driving straight at us! I can't stand this!


I'm so scared right now! What if they don't hear me and Emily yelling at them! Finally Niall opens the door. I pull Emily in right after I see Ryan get out of his car, with a knife. We hear Ryan screaming,

"You're mine Emily! I will get you back! I'll be waiting for you right here"

Emily puts her arms around my neck and sobs. I trace circles around her back and wipe away tears of my own.

"Do you mind if we go to bed Emily?" Louis asks patiently.

She wipes away her tears and shows us the way to the guest rooms. Zayn the first one to get a room. His is black and red all over sort of like a rock n' roll theme. Liam's is more laid back with bookcases, a lot more serious. The one Niall has is very colorful. It's yellow and orange with a mini fridge filled with beer and sandwiches. The room Louis gets is quite surprising. It's completely grey and white. Nothing to show off his personality nothing to make him feel at home.

"Sorry it's the only other guest room!"

Emily says looking down at her feet.

"It's alright Emily, It's not like I'll be living in it, I'll only be sleeping in it anyways." He says winking at her.

I close the door to Emily's room.

"Where will I be sleeping Emily?" I ask her thinking she forgot about me.

"Well the only other bedrooms are mine and Simon's. I'm assuming he wouldn't mind if you slept in his room though."

I feel slightly less happy knowing I won't be able to protect her from Ryan but I accept the offer and head to Simon's room. All I can say is it's huge! here's a humongous bed that could easily fit 6 people. It has it's own washroom with a jacuzzi bathtub that could also easily fit 6 people and a humongous shower. Emily leaves my room. I strip down to just my boxers and head to sleep with only Emily and Ryan on my mind. So Simon's gone. What will we do tomorrow. Leave and forget we ever met Emily? or get drunk and hope to be able to stay another night. Only fate will tell.   


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