Forever & Always

Emily had a perfect life before her house blew up in the fire her ex-boyfriend started. It was on her 17th birth day all of her family was over and everyone died except her and her ex. Now the only family member she has left is her Uncle Simon Cowell. He takes her in and that's when she meets the boys from One Direction. Her and Harry fall in love and Simon forbids their relationship. Read the story to find out what happens to Emily and Harry!


19. Our Punishments.

Emily's POV

"Hello Emily, Harry. It's a bit late for a shower isn't it?" He asks looking at the both of us. He's pissed.

"Why don't you both put on some clothes. I'll be in my office."

He walks out of the washroom.

"I'm sorry Emily." He says as he pulls his pants back up and tugs his shirt over his head.

"It's my fault Harry I shouldn't of said anything." I reply.

He looks at me and gives me a reassuring smile as he walks out of the washroom. I sigh as I turn off the water and walk out to Simon's room to change. I see a pair of Harry's hollister sweats on the bed so I pull them on and pick out a light blue tank top. I braid my hair into a fishtail that goes to the side. I walk into the hallway and see Harry.

"He told me he wants to see you first." He tells me.

I know we aren't a couple but it seems so right to just kiss him on the cheek. So I get up on my tiptoes and plant a soft kiss on his right cheek. He smiles down at me and leans down for a deeper kiss I grant it to him. We kiss for at least 5 minutes before he pulls away.

"What?" I ask him curiously.

"Simon's waiting." Harry replies with a slight smile.

I nod as he leans down and this time gives me a kiss on the cheek. He smiles when he sees me blushing madly. Like seriously I think my face is as red as a tomato! I open the door and see Simon with his hands in his face sighing. I clear my throat and he looks up. He motions for me to take a seat in front of him. As I sit down I remember all of the times I'd come in here and watch him work. We'd always have a blast together. Disregard what others say he's actually very nice! Well not on the X-Factor or American Idol, or much in public... But he's actually quite nice to me anyways. I remember my grandmother would always tell me that I was the only one that could ever make him laugh. Like piss your pants laughing. I smile slightly as I remembered about the times he'd bring me and my friend Jordan to but Ice Cream. Those were the days. Wait a minute! I forgot all about Jordan! I'll give her a visit tomorrow. My thoughts are interrupted by Simon clearing his throat.

"A very serious matter come across us hasn't it?" I slightly nod remembering the scene that happened a few minutes before now.

"I'm sorry Uncle Simon." I say looking down at my hands.

"I thought I'd be able to leave my 17 year old niece with a few 19-20 year old guys, I guess I was wrong."

I hate it when Simon gets mad at me. It always makes me cry. I try to hold back the tears as he continues yelling louder and louder.

"I thought you were responsible! I thought I could trust You Emily! I thought you knew right from wrong! I thought you were better than this!"

He's standing up gesturing strongly with his hands now. I have to fight for myself. I think as he continues to yell at me.

"What happened to the wonderful trustworthy little girl I used to know and love."

He just struck the last nerve. The chair is pushed back as I stand up quickly.

"I don't know Uncle Simon! Maybe the only person that ever really cared about me stopped visiting and didn't come to my birthday! Maybe I wanted to have some fun! Didn't you ever have fun! I'm 17 I'm practically an adult Uncle Simon! I've been perfect little goody two shoes all my life and I'm sick of it. Uncle Simon, You don't even know how many times I've walked in on you 'having fun' with girls MY AGE! More than I can count on my two hands!"

Now I'm out of breath from yelling for so long. I slowly sit down. And he follows my motion sitting down across from me.

"I'm sorry Emily, You're right." I hear him whisper.

I look up at him and he half smiles at me.

"You know you're impossible to stay truly mad at Emily." He says smiling again.

"Just like your father." He smiles now looking at a picture on his desk.

"Just like your father. You can go to your room Emily. Maybe sometime we can make plans to remodel it or something. Now give me a hug." I lightly laugh as I lean over and give him a hug.

"Get Harry Please."

I get up and open the door. With the result of five boys tumbling on top of me.

"You nasty little eavesdroppers get off!" I yell at them laughing.

I see Harry wink at me as he helps me up by my hand. He smiles as I blush wildly.

"Emily, Boys. Please close the door behind you." Simon says looking at us.

I nod as I shut the door and walk to my room with the boys following behind me. Everyone except Harry. He would soon receive his punishment.

Harry's POV

I sit down and see Emily close the door behind her. I want to know how she got out of this so easily. For a while Simon just puts his face in his hand and stares at me.

"You know what you did won't be too easy to forgive." Simon says looking at me.

I nod slowly as I glance at him. His face is still red from yelling at Emily.

"I can't believe you'd do that to her Harry." He says sighing.

"What did I do Simon?" I say slightly raising my voice.

"We didn't even actually do anything." I mumble looking down at my hands.

"You know, Harry, You remind me of myself when I was younger." He says looking at me oddly.

"Which is exactly why you can't date her!" He says lightly laughing.

My jaw drops as I look at him completely confused.

" You used her when she was the most vulnerable and desperate! When she needed someone to be there for her, really needed someone. You were there and she thinks that you truly love her! But,I know what you'll do. You'll bang her a few times than you'll throw her away like a piece of Garbage that's not how I want my niece to be treated Harry. I really care about her and I don't trust you! You are just like me Harry."

I look at him in disbelief.

"Simon! You are being such a hypocrite! I really feel different towards Emily! All I want to do is protect her!" I yell at him.

"Harry this is enough of the matter. You have 2 days to break up with her. And if you don't The label will drop you, and One Direction will be no more!"

My jaw drops yet again.

"Simon! Please I love Emily so much!" I feel the tears come to my eyes.

"Harry I already said we're done talking. 2 days! You have 2 days. Do it whatever way you like but you cannot tell her I made you do this. She has nowhere's else to go! Goodbye Harry!"

He shoos me out with his hand and I walk out letting the tears fall freely down my face. I never knew Simon to be that rude. I walk into Simon's room and grab mine and Emily's clothes. Ho could I break up with a girl I love so much. Oh well I might as well enjoy my last 2 days as well as I can.


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