Forever & Always

Emily had a perfect life before her house blew up in the fire her ex-boyfriend started. It was on her 17th birth day all of her family was over and everyone died except her and her ex. Now the only family member she has left is her Uncle Simon Cowell. He takes her in and that's when she meets the boys from One Direction. Her and Harry fall in love and Simon forbids their relationship. Read the story to find out what happens to Emily and Harry!


16. McDonalds

Emily's POV

When I open my eyes, I'm back home. I mean like Canada home. I'm back in my bedroom. I'm changing into my pants when Ryan's friend grab me. They tape me onto my bed and that's when the horrible day years ago comes back to me. I know what will happen next.

"Ryan NO!" I say as loud as I can but he doesn't hear me.

He rapes me just like he did years ago. After that ends the room around me disappears. Al of a sudden I'm in a bar alone with a tall blonde girl. She turns around and looks at me.

"Taylor is that you?" I ask her.

It's freaking me out... the look on her face. 

"Taylor what are you doing?"

She takes steps closer to me and I back away.

"I'm wondering why you still bother to be with Harry!" She looks at me with a devilish glare.

 "I still don't understand what you mean Taylor!" I continue to back away from her. It's as if she's became crazy!

"I mean why do you still bother with Harry if he doesn't even like you. I mean him and I we're meant to be. Like I'm pretty, thin and tall. We even share the same talent. Now what would he want to do with you? Maybe a one night stand if even. But you know what I doubt that too!"

She glares down at me and the tears fall.

"You don't know what you're talking about!" I scream at her.

"Oh are you really sure about that? He told me himself

"  I glance back up at her. Out of the corner of my eye I see Harry walking towards us. "C'mon babe!" He says looking at us. I smile at Harry and take his hand. "Um not you! I meant Taylor!"  She smiles at me and takes his hand. Seconds later they walk away. I'm left alone standing in the middle of the bar. Crunching down on the floor and crying.

"Emily! Wake up!" I look around and see I'm in the back of a car.

"Where am I?" I say before I begin to recognize the car and the beautiful British accent.

"You're in the back of my car. In the McDonald's parking lot. You were crying so I thought we should wake you up and see If you wanted some ice cream?"

I look up and there's Harry and Niall. I smile at them and nod.

"I'll open your door!"

Harry jumps out of the car and opens my door. I blush.


He smirks and grabs my hand. He always gives me that little half smile. It makes me feel do special deep down inside. "Hello may I take your order?"

The cashier looks at Harry.

"Three Ice creams please!"

He barely even looks at her twice. Let me just say this girl is very pretty. She has long Auburn locks falling down her back in curls and deep blue eyes.

"Alright! That will be $3.75 Please, and your number." She says to him.

"Excuse me?" He looks up at her.

"Well you're cute, I'm pretty so I was thinking we could hook up Mr. Harry Styles!" She responds to him fluttering her long lashes.

"No thanks. Here's the $3.75 though."

She rolls her eyes and gives us our ice cream. I turn around to look at her and she gives me a death glare.

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