Prep school with them (A 1D fanfiction)

Lanisha (Lani) was a regular student until one day two of the five hottest seniors in school shove her into a supply closet, and kidnapp her. These two seniors I speak of are Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.


2. Ch. 2 detention... and getting kidnapped


My heart beats at an uncomfortable rate as I enter the detention office. Shit. I was alone here, but then again there aren't really any bad kids at a prep school. 


Lou walked In a couple of minutes later and sat down behind me. We sat like rocks for 20 minutes, when the teacher left the room to make a few copies. 


The second I heard the door shut he asked "Why did you kiss me back?" 


"Fuck off Tommo"


"You're gonna be a challenge aren't you? 'Cause I like a good chase".


"Could you please shut up now?"


"This week is gonna be fun"


I rested my forehead on the desk, mentally face palming as I tried to hold back tears. I really messed up this time. 


By the time detention was done I was so enraged I had forgotten to get a ride home. I called my mom but I didn't get an answer, and all of the busses had driven off a while ago. 


I sat against the wall for about 15 minutes before I saw a tall figure in the distance. Upon getting closer I noticed a mop of curly hair that could only belong to one person. 


"Do you need a ride home or something?" He asked.


"Go away Harry"


"Come on".


He pulled me up and led me to the fanciest car in the lot.


I got in the passenger side and scooted as far from him as possible. 


"Can you drive yet?" He asked me.


"No" I answered shyly 




He then sped off in the opposite direction that my house was in.


"Where are you going?" I half shouted






"Well that's too bad you're coming with me today"


And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, they did.


I felt a warm hand on my knee and immediately froze. It moved its way to the inside of my thigh and I started to panic. Luckily, he removed his hand to make a turn a minute later.


We pulled into the driveway of a very large and expensive looking house, this must be where Harry lives. As soon as I opened the door his mom greeted me 


"Hello! You must be Lani Harry talks about you all the time!" 


"Yeah that's me..." I gave her a 'help me' type of look and she smiled sympathetically.


I was led up to his room, which was big and fancy, as I expected. 


He asked me to sit on his bed, but I refused. 


"Whatever, I need to get this out of my system."


He then pressed my against the wall and crashed his lips onto mine. 

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