Prep school with them (A 1D fanfiction)

Lanisha (Lani) was a regular student until one day two of the five hottest seniors in school shove her into a supply closet, and kidnapp her. These two seniors I speak of are Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.


1. Ch. 1 A strange turn of events

Prep school is an interesting, yet scary place I must say. I'm a junior at the  Northern Yorkshire academy of advanced arts, which is a school for advanced preforming arts students such as me, Lanishia (or Lani) Louis Tomlinson(my neighbor), Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. These boys I speak of are pretty much the most talented, popular, and attractive seniors in the academy. I sing, like the 5 of them and I have at least 2 classes with each one of them, but the truth is, I cannot stand them even one bit. They tease me to the point of insanity. Specifically Harry and Lou, who can't seem to bring themselves to leave me the hell alone. They tease me about a number if things. Niall, Zayn, and Liam never really bother me, in fact Liam even offered to tutor me once but I declined. 


 It was the first day after winter break at the time things began to turn weird. I was hurrying to take a textbook from my locker when a dropped all of my supplies, followed by the bell. I relaxed a bit, I was already late anyway so I bent down to pick the books up when a light finger stroked across my bum, sending a jolting chill down my spine. I spun around with my largest book in a ready position to hit someone but I dropped it when I saw who it had been. Harry Styles just touched my bum like WTF! Before I had time to plunge into any deeper thought two large hands gripped my shoulders and pinned them to the locker next to mine. He pushes his body into mine roughly so I delivered a strong and well executed kick to his... Nuts. I grappled my supplies quickly and walked away as quick as I could. I looked over my shoulder to see him clutch his balls, followed by him very non-discretely staring at my backside and flashing his perfectly cheeky, yet lust-filled grin at me. I rolled my eyes and began to run. What the hell just happened? Was the only thought present in my mind at that very moment in time. 


Well my vocals learnings class is going to be extremely awkward now! All o the boys are in there with me and I was forced to sit directly in the middle of them, and right next to Harry and Louis.


I stood outside the door of the classroom, being forced to stay with the boy blocking he door. From a distance I assumed it was Harry, but as I got closer I noticed the lack of curls and that it in fact was Lou. 


He winked and asked "Would you like to enter this room?"


"Well, yeah" I answered 


"Too bad, you're coming with me".


With one hand he took my wrist and with the other he covered my mouth. I tried to protest but it was no use, he was much stronger than me. 


The next thing I know I'm being stuffed into a supply closet by Louis Tomlinson. Yeah he's hot but he's also dangerous. Very dangerous. 


I get shoved into the wall similarly as Harry had done the previous day at my locker, but I couldn't fight back this time. I felt a pair of lips press onto my neck and try to scream but my mouth gets covered again.


I tried to get him away for another minute or so until I gave in to his little game. He had won this thing, I was completely powerless. 


After another minute I started to kiss him back, and soon the top buttons on my blouse were gone. 


I bit my lip and stepped back, right into a large and very tippable shelf which not so surprisingly came crashing to the ground. I flinched at the loud shattering of glass and various other items hitting the tiles. I ran out and right into a teacher as I attempted to escape punishment, and failed.  Now I guess I have detention for a week with him too, starting this afternoon.


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