The Words He Whispered

When Sadie West, ordinary 16 year old girl from Seattle, gets a text from her cousin to spend the summer with him and his friends, she's thrilled. Why wouldn't she be-when her cousin is THE Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, and she'll be spending two months with the boys! Little does she know, things are about to get a lot more complicated in the romance department...


14. Zayn

I held my breath, waiting for her response. I knew she wouldn't like me, especially when she could choose from almost any of us. Who would? I was the "bad boy" the "rebel"... not when there was adorable Niall, or perverted Harry who sang like an angel.

"Zayn," she breathed, and I braced myself for disappointment.

"It's ok, Sadie, you don't have to feel the same-" I was cut off as she grabbed my shirt and pressed her lips on mine. I don't know what she felt, but it was like a sugar rush, exhilerating, satisfying, and amazing, She ran her fingers through my hair, and I pulled her close. We broke away with a little gasp, and Sadie gazed at me with those crystal clear blue eyes.

'I think I might love you too," she murmured, her warm breath tickling my ear as she nuzzled into my neck. We fell asleep like that, wrapped in each others arms, peaceful, happy, perfect.

Of course, it was too good to be true.


Sorry for another shortie! I promise I'll get a good long one in soon!!!! But I have things to do, places to be, etc. Comment, like, fave! What are your thoughts on Zadie? How will NIall react??? WHO SHOULD SADIE CHOSE????????? I love you all, 



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