The Words He Whispered

When Sadie West, ordinary 16 year old girl from Seattle, gets a text from her cousin to spend the summer with him and his friends, she's thrilled. Why wouldn't she be-when her cousin is THE Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, and she'll be spending two months with the boys! Little does she know, things are about to get a lot more complicated in the romance department...


10. Zayn

I saw her kiss Niall, out on the beach, and I have to admit, it broke my heart. So when the boys decided to go to the bar, I jumped at the chance to stay home with Sadie, who refused to go. When the guys left, we crashed on the couch watching Pirates of The Carribean. I know, it sounds like an odd movie to watch, but Sadie and I both had a firm agreement that any movie starring Johnny Depp was amazayn (see what I did there?<--). Sadie was texting her friend Cammie, when all of the sudden her face lit up. "What's up?" I chuckled. Sadie blushed.
"Well...." She hesitated
"Come on," I urged
"This guy I really like, Conor, was talking to Cammie, and told her that he was going to Skype me today! She says he's going to ask me out!" For some reason, that really irked me.
"Kind of hard to do that when your in a different country, don't ya think?" I responded drily. Sadie laughed and slapped my arm.
"You know what I mean, Bad Boi" she smirked. " Anyway, will you pwease help me get ready? I just need an opinion on an outfit, not too fancy, but something cute... Please?" She shot me the puppy dog eyes, and I melted.
"Fine" I groaned.

Soon, Sadie had picked out a cute strapless dress in pale creamy yellow. Her hair was thrown into a loose ponytail, and she looked gorgeous. She caught me scrawling in a notebook, and jumped on the bed where I was sitting. "Watcha writing?" She chirped cheerily. My face went a little red.
"Nothing," I mumbled. I could tell she was about to ask more, but just then, her laptop began singing that annoying little Skype song. Her face glowed, and I found myself wishing I could be the one making her eyes sparkle like that. She pressed the answer call button, and a really good looking guy came on the screen. He had sandy blond hair, perfect tan skin, and a perfect white smile, and I felt every chance I had with Sadie slowly draining away.
"Hi!" Sadie grinned at Conor.
"Sadie!" He said, eyes lighting up.
"What made you call?" Sadie asked. Conor was about to reply, then seemed to notice me. A shadow of recognization crossed his face, and his smile faltered.
"Sadie," he began "Youre on vacation with Zayn Malik?"
"Yeah," Sadie blushed, "Zayn, meet Conor. Conor, Zayn," I don't know why, but I felt like I had to make him jealous.
"Hey Conor," I flashed him a smile "Too bad the other boys aren't here, I bet they'd love to meet you. They're out now... Maybe I'll have them Skype you later? We're very protective of our Sadie girl," Conor shot me a forced grin.
"Yeah," he said weakly. Sadie's phone began to ring, and she
"Sorry, I've got to take this, it's my mom." She apologized.
"No worries," I smiled. She left the room, and I turned back to the screen. "Sadie's a nice girl, huh?" I said, trying to get him talking
"Yeah, she's hot," he muttered absentmindedly. I was rather shocked that that's what he would say.
"She's more than hot!" I said with slight annoyance in my voice.
"Is sexy better, than?" Conor smirked coolly.
"You don't know her at all," I growled, "All you want is a pretty face. I've known Sadie for a week, and I know more about her than you do. She's smart, fun, sweet... And all you care about is someone who looks good to show off at parties," My voice had risen, and I was almost shouting.
"Calm down, man," Conor looked surprised "Isn't that why you like her too?" I didn't trust myself to speak, and luckily, Sadie walked back in. Unluckily, the look on her face said she had heard everything we said. Her face was stony as she muttered, "Bye Conor" and ended the video chat.
"Thanks a lot, Zayn," she scowled at me. I was appalled.
"Sadie, what-?" She brushed past me and ran to her room. I heard her slam the door, and my heart sank. "Way to go Zayn," I muttered to myself. I slowly made my way to her room, in hopes of making things right.
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