The Words He Whispered

When Sadie West, ordinary 16 year old girl from Seattle, gets a text from her cousin to spend the summer with him and his friends, she's thrilled. Why wouldn't she be-when her cousin is THE Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, and she'll be spending two months with the boys! Little does she know, things are about to get a lot more complicated in the romance department...


9. Sadie

No going back now. I took a deep breath, and took a walk down Memory Lane.

"It was warm and cozy in the house, and I watched the rain slide down the window, waiting for my boyfriend, Luke, to come home. He had been out for hours with Louis, who was visiting Seattle at the time, and I was just starting to get worried when the door burst open, Louis dragging an obviously drunk Luke behind him. "Here's your idiot boyfriend," Louis snarled, shoving Luke at me and heading upstairs. Lou had always been wary of Luke, worried that he would snap. And it was true, lately Luke had been getting drunk more often and losing his temper. But I told myself that it was my choice to date a 17 year old at age 14. I rushed over to him and stroked his hair gently, but when he looked up, he seemed agitated. THen he started saying.. things, and I got scared. Luke pushed me against the wall, and began smashing his lips against my skin. I pushed him away in disgust, and then he got angry. I watched in horror and fear as he pulled a long, sharp, knife, from underneath his coat and began staggering towards me. The light glinted eerily off the blade, and I smelled the reek of beer on his breath. Agony shot through my back as he pressed me down and sliced theknife slowly across my skin. I screamed for Louis, and Luke jumped out the open window. THe last thing I remember is Louis cradling me and crying."

I was sobbing by now, but I felt every right to. I hadn't shared this with anyone until know, much less a guy (even a really sweet, understanding, caring, guy like NIall) that I had known for a total of two days. Niall pulled my close, and I could feel him trembling. He rubbed my back gently, and I continued.

"For months afterward, I wouldn't talk to anyone. Lou was there the whole time, taking care of me, and he was my savior. One day, my mom came on the phone, crying. I realised that I hadnt spoken to her in over a month. Somehow, that snapped me out of it. I put a brave facade, and tried to look okay. That's why so many people think of me as rebellious, adventurous, and crazy. Inside I was  crumbling, but on the outside, I was a perfect, fun-loving, popular teen."  I clung to his t-shirt.

"Sadie?" Niall asked softly

"Y-yes?" I stuttered

"This may take the romance out of it..." he said hesitantly "But can I kiss you?" I was shocked, but not at his request. That he had asked, and respected that I might not want to kiss him. And... I nodded yes,


You may have heard of feeling sparks when you kiss someone, and that had been something I had dismissed as rubbish a long time ago. But when Niall gently leaned in and brushed his lips on mine, it was like Fourth of July. WArmth spread from my toes to my fingertips, and when he leaned away, I pulled him back. We sat on the beach for who knows how long, just enjoying the feeling of each other by our sides (does that make sense?). FInally, it got so chilly, we had to go in.

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