The Words He Whispered

When Sadie West, ordinary 16 year old girl from Seattle, gets a text from her cousin to spend the summer with him and his friends, she's thrilled. Why wouldn't she be-when her cousin is THE Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, and she'll be spending two months with the boys! Little does she know, things are about to get a lot more complicated in the romance department...


15. A/N

Hello My Loves,

I'm so sorry I'm a crappy updater! :( It's really hard to find time, ya know? And guess what? I had this very nice chapter all ready to go, and MY STUPID INTERNET EXPLORER WENT ALL WEIRD! This is actually my second time writing this author's note! Anyways, ya know what would help meh update more often? COOOOOOMMENTS!!!! XD I absolutely LOVE comments, it LIGHTS UP MY WORLD LIKE NOTHING ELSE! Except muffins. (Sorry, that's an inside joke.....:)) BTW, did you know, muffins are naked cupcakes? I feel very accomplished eating muffins, it makes me feel like I'm checking something off my bucket list.....:D ANYWAYS. I loooove rambling! I also love licking all the frosting and taking wrappers off my cupcakes and then be all like "IM STRIPPING DOWN HARRY STYLES!!!!" Excuse me. Sorry, not sorry. So, I doubt any of you guys read this, but if you do, you can still comment to be one of their girls! Or if your some creeper dude who reads 1D fanfic.... you could be one of their boyfriends..... I could make it work. ;) Lou is taken, so is Liam. I'm STILL not sure who Sadie's gonna pick! So any of the three who love her are more or less possibly maybe availible. Well, I'd better be off, I'll update soon!


Emma Payne<3

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