Rhythem Of Love

Kayreen was never the most wanted person at her school. She was the one who was laughed at, mocked, and even friendless. But when her new neighbor Louis walks into her life, her world gets a whole new perspective. Will she become more confident? Or will Louis have to protect her from the world she has known her whole life?


2. The Boy With The Grey Eyes.


  I heard my alarm clock screetch to life as it struck 8 A.M. I swiftly got up, turned on the shower, and looked at myself in the mirror. Another day of suffering. I thought to myself as i undressed and got into the shower. After my shower, i got dressed and pulled my long brown curly hair up into a pony tail. A shiver was sent down my spine, and I knew the air conditioning wasn't on. Its winter. I turned and watched the window. I could feel the cold mist from the winter air outside seep through my window. I shut it, and noticed a moving truck outside. I looked across from my window and there stood a boy. He was.. handsome. I felt my heart skip a beat when his beautiful grey eyes locked with mine. He smiled and went back to unpacking his boxes. I guess that was his room. I shut my window, knowing it was Saturday, i decided to walk over there, and introduce myself. I knocked on the door, and a woman answered.

"Hello, can i help you?" her voice asked. She was brittish, she seemed nice.

"Im your neighbor, I just thought i would come an say hello." I said with a shy smile. There was the boy again.

"Mum, have you seen my other box, it has my clothes in it."  He then looked at me and smiled. I felt my face grow hot. His mom invited me inside, and I found out that they were moving here from London.

" This is my son, Louis." She intorduced him, and he held out his hand.

"Hello Louis, my name is Kayleen." I said taking his warm hand. His brown hair was perfectly placed on his forhead, and his smiled was gorgeous.

"Can i call you Kay?" He asked. I smiled at my new nickname.

"Sure." I told him with a smile. I invited Louis over to hang out. His mom said that would be wonderful, and then we walked over to my house. I had a feeling that this was..right.

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