Rhythem Of Love

Kayreen was never the most wanted person at her school. She was the one who was laughed at, mocked, and even friendless. But when her new neighbor Louis walks into her life, her world gets a whole new perspective. Will she become more confident? Or will Louis have to protect her from the world she has known her whole life?


3. Sparks


Louis was hilarious. We had been hanging out for at least an hour and we couldn't stop laughing. I was starting to develop a crush on him. Man was he cute.

" So, do you wanna watch a movie?" I asked him. He smiled and nodded.

"What movie would you like to watch love?" he asked in his sweet brittish accent. I could feel my heart race when he talked. I got up and grabbed my favorite movie, The Switch. He smirked at me as if i read his mind. I turned on the movie, and he grabbed my hand softly.


She was breath-taking. I couldnt keep my eyes on the movie. She was sweet, and nothing like I could have ever imagened when my mum told me we would be moving that I would be so happy about it. Our rooms were across from eachother, so we could open our windows and talk when I got home. The movie was funny, and I really liked hanging out with her.  She made my heart race, and pound in my chest.

"So is this your favorite movie?" I asked her, she smiled. Oh how that smile was so beautiful.

"Yeah, i love it. As soon as it came out i bought it." She giggled when she talked. By the end of the movie we were both hungry. We decided to go out to Mcdonalds and get something to eat. When we walked into the resturant, she frowned and looked at her feet. looked infront of us and across the restraunt was a group of people laughing at her,  for no reason. They pointed and as we walked closer they threw something at her. It was soda. How could they just be so mean like that? She began to cry, she was soaked and one of the girls walked up to her. 

"Oops, sorry Kayleen, it must have slipped." she laughed once more and Kayleen cried harder. I took her in my arms and got angry.

"No im sorry, that you are so inconsiderate that you have to be so cruel and be so mean to this beautiful girl. Your just jealous that she is so gorgeous and you have probably had more face lifts and nose jobs than the last barbie to walk this earth. Go take your little barbie and ken dolls and be fake somewhere else." They were all shocked. They all got up, and left just like that.


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