Rhythem Of Love

Kayreen was never the most wanted person at her school. She was the one who was laughed at, mocked, and even friendless. But when her new neighbor Louis walks into her life, her world gets a whole new perspective. Will she become more confident? Or will Louis have to protect her from the world she has known her whole life?


1. Preface

My life was never perfect. No one liked me, i dont have any friends, and i have never felt loved in the slightest. My mother left me when i was 8, and my father was never home. I practically had no parents. People wish for that happy ending, that once upon a time and the prince charming. I know that i will never have any of that no matter how hard i wish. Im just a 16 year old girl, who will never.Ever, experience the things every other teenager does. No love. No heartbreak. No fun. Just nothing. Kayleen Annabell Lovette will always remain the same. Lonley and emotionless.

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