Rhythem Of Love

Kayreen was never the most wanted person at her school. She was the one who was laughed at, mocked, and even friendless. But when her new neighbor Louis walks into her life, her world gets a whole new perspective. Will she become more confident? Or will Louis have to protect her from the world she has known her whole life?


4. Never say goodnight


Did..Did he just stick up for me? I couldn't believe it. I looked up at him and he kissed my cheek. I gave him a smile.

"Thank you." I hugged him, forgeting i was soaking wet. He looked me in the eyes and smiled.

"No problem Kay." He replied with a serious and honest tone. I was starting to shiver from the cold soda down my spine and covering my entire body. He picked me up bridal style and took my to my house. He ran to his house while i was changing, and he brought me back a hoodie of his.

"Oh no, i cant i really honestly cant." I said feeling bad for taking his things. He insisted and gave it to me. I put it on. It smelled like him, and i loved the way he smelled. He looked down at me in my grey hollister sweat pants and white tank top. i had washed my hair and it was back up into a bun. He looked at me and smiled.

"You look beautiful, you know that?" he told me with a smile. He gently placed his hands around my waist, and i felt my hearts pace grow. I had just met him not only a few hours ago, and i already think i was falling for him. He stuck up for me, he called me beautiful. I couldnt stop blushing. My face felt hot and I could tell that he noticed. My train of though was cut off by a kiss on the cheek. I closed my eyes and smiled.

"Lou?" i asked him shyly.  He looked at me conserned.

"Yes love? Is something wrong?" He looked at me, i giggled and said shook my head.

"No i was just wondering, why are you being so nice to me? Everyone here hates me and wishes I was dead." I let a tear escape my right eye, he picked up my face and kissed my forhead.

"I have no reason to be a jerk to you now do I? Those people are stupid. I wouldnt ever be mean to you or let anyone ever hurt you again. I want to ask you something." He seemed to be so sweet and serious at the same time. My heart was at a slow pace then it began to jump all over the place.

"Yes Louis? Go ahead ask away." I told him with a sweet smile.

"I am afraid of you walking away, and I think that you are the most gorgeous girl on this earth, so i wanted to ask. Will you be my girlfriend?" He smiled at me and looked into my eyes.

I Began to cry.

"Oh no sont cry now love im sorry.If you dont want t-" I cut him off with a kiss.

"Does that answer your question?" I asked him. He smiled and nodded. We looked at the time, it was already 7:30. I looked at Louis, and he looked right back at me.

"I have to go my love. Text me, i put my number in while you were changing." I looked down and he brought my face up to kiss me.

I walked him out to the door and he went next door to his house. I went back upstairs and there he was at the his bedroom window, waiting for me. I smiled and opened mine.

"I just wanted to tell you one thing darling, i know you didnt want to say good bye or good night. So check your phone." He blew my a kiss and we both shut our windows.

"you will never ever have to say goodnight C: <3" it read. I smiled, turned on my T.V. and soon enough went to bed. I was the happiest girl on earth. For once in my life, I could smile.

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