Rhythem Of Love

Kayreen was never the most wanted person at her school. She was the one who was laughed at, mocked, and even friendless. But when her new neighbor Louis walks into her life, her world gets a whole new perspective. Will she become more confident? Or will Louis have to protect her from the world she has known her whole life?


6. Finding out


           I felt my heart pounding. My mom and dad hadn't been home in almost a week. I was kind of scared. They were never gone for this long, and i just wanted them home honestly. I could feel something was wrong, they weren't just 'not home' as I would usually think. They were either in trouble or hurt somewhere. Then I turned on the news, and everything became clear.

     "A local couple here in new york has been found dead, there car was ran over by a big rig. The names of the people are Mr. Ronny Lovitte and Mrs. Marie Lovitte. Police haven't released any other information. Back to you Jerry." I found myself trembling. My parents.they are....dead. I felt my heart break. Then I felt my best friends arms around me. I looked at Melanie and she was crying too. My parents were like her family. I cried even harder and she called Harry.

"We need you guys to come over, its important. bring Lou, her parents... they died." Her voice sounded so scared and hurt. Withina matter of minutes, Louis was holding me. I could feel the hot tears streaming down my face,

     "L-l-louis, t-they are g-g-gone." I could feel my stomach rejecting everything, and i threw up onto the carpet. I then cried harder. I heard them begin talking.

     " Haz, we need to get her out of here. Lets take them to my house. My mom will let them stay there. I can't leave her here alone. " I knew that in that moment haz nodded. I felt my body lift from the couch and i felt the cool air of the outside. About a minute later, my body was on a bed. I felt a body next to me. I looked up to find it was Louis. I looked at him,the tears begining to stop.

    "Your gonna stay here for now,alright?" I nodded and he placed a sweet, lingering kiss on my forhead. I couldn't believe my parents wouldnever be comming home. I wanted to just crawl up and die with them. But i know i couldn't do that to Lou, i care about him to much.


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